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Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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We're here to help

Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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Innovating Together

We offer numerous interfaces to relevant providers for successful digital commerce and implement the technical integration into shop system marketplaces, email service providers and customer service ticketing systems.

The zenloop software can be integrated directly into existing technologies or used as a supplement to analyze customer feedback and data for taking effective measures to retain customers.

Our Technology partners

The experience analysis platform captures every website interaction and micro-movement to understand the how and why of customer behavior.
Track customer data in real-time. CrossEngage orchestrates all data sources and marketing channels in a central CRM system.
Personalization software to help marketers increase revenue by individualizing each user's interactions across web, mobile & email.
Highly efficient 1:1 email marketing. Create dynamic and powerful email campaigns and unlock the most important channel for customer interaction.
The customer-centric digital experience company. Episerver combines market-leading solutions for content, e-commerce, and digital marketing in one platform.
Solve all customer inquiries in no time. Cloud-based omnichannel helpdesk software for optimized customer interaction across all communication channels.
Software for personalized and automated mailing campaigns. Attract more customers and generate leads with professional email marketing.
The shipping specialist parcelLab is a cloud solution for intelligent parcel monitoring and targeted communication along the customer journey.
A global, data-based parcel tracking software to provide the end customer with a fully integrated shopping experience and win back their loyalty.
All customer information and activities in one place. CRM for building and maintaining customer relationships for a unified view of each customer.
Excellent shipping is a competitive advantage. Seven Senders offers tracking software that finds the perfect shipping service provider for each package.
Customize online stores to meet your unique business needs. Sell on numerous marketplaces: Web, mobile, social media, online shops, and more.
Set up an online shop with customizable drag and drop modules. Open source, fully configurable, and easy to use for all shop sizes.
Passion for e-commerce and customer experience. Spryker offers all B2B and B2C functionalities that shops need for growth now and in the future.
Create seamless digital experiences quickly and easily with Styla in order to strengthen customer loyalty and improve your conversion rate.
Tradebyte connects manufacturers, brands, online shops, platforms, and marketplaces, creating process standards and unique competitive advantages.
Helpdesk software for better customer relations. Zendesk improves the communication process and delivers insights from large amounts of data.


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