Why do the smartest e-commerce
companies use zenloop NPS®?

Because growth companies can automate all close the loop actions

"The only NPS platform to collect actionable feedback, to analyze responses for insights and to close the loop - all in one place."

Jakob Keller
Founder & CEO

"The easiest way to implement and roll out the entire Net Promoter System from A to Z - fully automated."

Nana Lohmanns

Because startups can identify their future growth drivers

"We have decided for zenloop because their platform is very intuitive to use, beautiful simple and easy to setup within minutes."

Fabian Louis

"By identifying our most loyal customers, zenloop enables us to achieve incremental revenue through referrals by promoters."

Gerald Kullack
Managing Director

"zenloop increases our revenues by identifying conversion killers on our website and within the checkout funnel."

Stephan Linden

Because B2B companies can close more deals and prevent churn

"By using zenloop we can close the loop with customers proactively and thereby turn them to fans of our company."

Feliks Eyser

"We use zenloop to collect feedback at different touchpoints. zenloop scales right along with us and is easily accessible for all employees."

Thilo Hardt
Managing Director

"contentbird uses zenloop to collect and act on feedback after our trial phase. We engange with promoters and thereby close deals easier."

Nicolai Kuban

Start collecting feedback to drive growth!