What is Action Management?

Learn why companies struggle to turn customer insights into meaningful initiatives and find out what you can do to transform challenges into opportunities.


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    What’s Inside?

    We all want what’s best for the customer, yet few companies actually achieve the customer centricity that’s been so highly sought after. Why is that? Many companies fail in matching what their customers want with their corresponding initiatives, creating “The Action Gap”. Using Action Management, companies can close this gap by correctly identifying issues and pushing actions, tailored to the problems of each and every customer.

    To better understand what the Action Gap is and how to successfully avoid it, this white paper will outline

    • the key obstacles which hinder companies to push the right action
    • why existing solutions have failed so far
    • the 5 stages of successful Action Management
    • how you can use Action Management for your benefit

    …amongst many others.


    There’s a disconnect between what customers want and the initiatives that companies put in place. This issue is now known as ‘The Action Gap.’

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