Shopware + zenloop

Boost Customer Retention in the Shopware Store with zenloop

Shopware is a flexible e-commerce solution that allows to create a custom professional online shop. Its modular software architecture allows for integrating cross-channel sales solutions into any online shop. Each Shopware store is directly compatible with the zenloop plug-in and can immediately start measuring customer loyalty by automatically analyzing NPS feedback to increase long-term customer retention.



Success Factor: Measuring Customer Satisfaction in the Shop

After downloading the zenloop plug-in from the Shopware Store, you can implement customer surveys in the online shop at the checkout or by email after delivery. Based on the customer feedback, it is possible to determine how customers rate the customer experience in the online shop.

Win Back Dissatisfied Customers

The zenloop software identifies dissatisfied customers. If a customer complains about a late delivery in their feedback, shops can reacted immediately with an apology e-mail. This surprises every customer positively and shows how important companies take feedback.


Profit From Free Recommendations of Loyal Promoters

The more satisfied customers are with a company’s performance, the more likely they are to tell friends and acquaintances about their experience. This simplifies the process of attracting new customers and extending shopping baskets.

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