Market Leaders Strengthen Customer Retention with zenloop

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Case Studies: Our Customer Stories

Our Customer Success Stories

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Closing Feedback Loops

“With zenloop, we can easily set up email and slack notifications. This allows us to immediately and automatically forward critical feedback to the responsible employees.”
Sandra Friedrichs / Thalia
Manager Business Development

Identify Pain Points

“With zenloop, we identify our customers’ biggest pain points along their customer journey and can determine effective action measures to be taken.”
Julia Dimmler / Betty Bossi
CRM Lead

Expand Customer-Centricity

“Customer centricity is the key for our company’s success. zenloop helps us focus on the customer and to communicate insights instantly to all stakeholders.”
Julia Bösch / Outfittery
Chief Executive Officer

Maximize Onsite Conversion

“By reacting to customer feedback in an automated manner, we’ve been able to significantly increase repurchase rates. The zenloop integration took only a few hours.”
Martin Gödicke / Contorion
Senior Vice President Marketing

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