Freshdesk + zenloop

Customer Retention on Freshdesk Marketplace with zenloop

Freshdesk is a customer support and helpdesk solution that offers a wide range of tools and functions for complaint and inquiry management. zenloop’s Freshdesk Marketplace App focuses on optimizing all customer interactions through automated activities generated from customer tickets and enables direct response to customer feedback with a single click.



High Productivity with Streamlined Workflows

The “Alerts” function provides automatic updates without switching to the zenloop application. As a result, customer feedback and NPS® performance are processed more easily and quickly. Responsible colleagues are notified immediately if errors or bugs occur. For example, an alarm by e-mail informs the logistics department as soon as a detractor mentions “Shipping” or “Returns” in the feedback.

Fast Response to Customer Requests

With its direct integration, zenloop automatically forwards NPS® responses from customer surveys to the Freshdesk ticketing system, enabling a quick response to customer requests. Tickets are automatically created and include information such as the customer’s email address, timestamp, comment, and NPS rating. The customer support can then quickly address dissatisfied customers and initiate win-back actions or even transform satisfied customers into promoters with vouchers.



Real Time Dashboards and Reports Identify Every Trend

Freshdesk and zenloop provide direct access to all developments and analyses concerning customer interaction. Define which reports are highly relevant for your company and receive regular updates and insights into trends. Dashboards provide an overview of helpdesk and customer satisfaction based on real time data covering tickets, trends and NPS feedback.

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