Tradebyte + zenloop

Customer Retention with Tradebyte Software GmbH and zenloop

The Tradebyte Software GmbH operates a modern ecosystem for digital commerce and offers solutions for electronic data exchange among brands, retailers, and marketplaces. Tradebyte offers a consistent exchange of data and ensures a fully automatic and synchronous data flow. With Tradebyte and zenloop, online shops can directly access shop feedback to measure customer satisfaction at every touchpoint by transferring NPS® data to other platforms.


tradebyte integration

Technological Edge

Tradebyte has extensive expertise in various industries and technology solutions. The SaaS company is always up to date, develops new technologies, and knows which applications bring the best value to customers. We work together to share knowledge and discover the business drivers of tomorrow’s digital commerce.

Optimized Customer Experience

Based on the collected findings of the NPS feedback, shops identify vulnerabilities in their customer journey. Is the shipment often delayed, are the goods damaged, are there problems with the payment process? The entire customer experience is analyzed and optimized using queries at the appropriate touchpoint. This also creates the opportunity for brands to realize competitive advantages – if they get to know their strengths and weaknesses.



Flexible Scalability in E-Commerce

In the digital age, e-commerce companies often have to deal with several service providers and agencies in the value chain. The Tradebyte Ecosystem controls and accompanies all processes, from the manufacturer to the retailer. Thus, Tradebyte can network any online shop with zenloop, which enables the analysis of feedback at every customer touchpoint in the shop.

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