Shift to ACTION!

We’re not satisfied with the way customer experience is managed.

Customer feedback is only half of the story. We think customer experience and customer-centricity are often just buzzwords – all talk, no Action.

We see companies failing to transform customer thoughts and insights into actions, prioritize and manage meaningful innovation, update customers on the status quo, and praise employees. There’s a crack in the customer experience management process. A loop that isn’t being closed when it comes to thoughts, insights, and Action. We call this the Action Gap.

We started zenloop to enable every company to collect and understand the thoughts of its customers. To turn customer voices into constructive criticism and care moments that foster long-term relationships.

And now we’re going one step beyond…

We want to create as many Delightful Moments as humans on earth. We want to fix the Action Gap for all companies – to successfully close the loop with their customers.

To close the Action Gap, we’re shifting our product focus to Action.

We believe in automated Action Plans, not just colorful dashboards.
We believe in Actionable Data, not just data.
We believe in Actionpoints, not just digital touchpoints.
We believe in an intelligent Action Management engine, not just feedback management.

Because customer experience management as we know it – is simply broken.