Why Leading Online Shops Choose zenloop

Identify and Resolve Issues

Recover Unsatisfied Customers

Leverage Positive Customer Feedback

zenloop NPS-survey

High Response Rates Through Individual Integrations and Optimized Usability

zenloop NPS-survey

"We ask NPS feedback at five different touchpoints. The surveys can be customized to achieve extremely high response rates."


Daniel Lang CMO & CTO – Parfümerie Akzente

Configure Alarm Systems and Immediately Forward Critical Issues Internally

zenloop alert-message

"You guys truly helped us generate valuable customer insights and put them at the heart of our actions."


Christoph Behn, CEO – die kartenmacherei

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zenloop smart labels

Smart Labels Identify Churn Drivers in Customer Comments

zenloop smart labels

"By using zenloop, we don’t waste time with manual analysis. The Smart Labels provide us with actionable insights on churn drivers and opportunities for improvement."


Steve Crolic, Head of Voice of the Customer – HelloFresh

Target Critical Customers and Take Personalized Actions

Turning detractors into promoters

"With zenloop, we identify our customers' biggest pain points along their customer journey and can determine effective action measures to be taken."


Julia Dimmler, CRM Lead – Betty Bossi

Turning detractors into promoters
Reviews from promoters

Use Loyal Promoters for Free Referrals

Reviews from promoters

"We use the promoters as a free marketing channel, e.g. for our refer-a-friend program, but also to receive referrals on rating portals."


Lynn Hoblitz, Manager CRM and Communication – Keller Sports

Real-Time Feedback as a Live Feed Inspires Every Employee

zenloop live feed display

"The live feeds from zenloop are displayed in several offices here. The perfect tool to focus the organization more on the customer."

Patricia Graf, Product Owner Opreations – limango

zenloop live feed display

High-Performance Integrations

Market-leading companies trust us

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