Emarsys + zenloop

Automate Customer Retention via Emarsys Login and zenloop

Emarsys personalizes communication between companies and customers across all channels – this optimizes the customer journey and increases revenues. In combination with the customer retention software zenloop, companies enrich their customer file with Net Promoter Score® data on every Emarsys Login to create personalized marketing campaigns. This results in maximized revenue potential through up-selling and cross-selling.



Personalized Email Campaigns Boost Customer Retention

Successful email personalization requires the collection and analysis of customer data. By forwarding the NPS data from zenloop to Emarsys, each customer is approached individually. This creates a personal level and customer trust. In addition, the data analysis clearly shows which NPS score customers leave at which touchpoints and which topics are highly relevant for the respective customer segment.

Customer Feedback Optimizes the Customer Journey

Data constructs are essential for strengthening customer relationships. They provide information about optimization potentials along the entire customer journey. zenloop generates this database by recording and evaluating NPS feedback at each customer touchpoint. Due to the native integration, zenloop transfers this customer satisfaction data directly to Emarsys.



Added Value Within Customer Segments

With zenloop, companies recognize their fans and critics and easily send surveys via their Emarsys account to any touchpoint in the customer journey. This allows you to win back critics with personalized offers and turn them into real fans.

Activated Promoters Attract New Customers

The Emarsys login and the direct integration with zenloop create not only stronger customer loyalty, but also enable the acquisition of new customers via referral programs. Recommendations are the most important marketing channel. Satisfied customers and loyal promoters can be activated as brand ambassadors for recommendations to friends and family. By requesting positive reviews on rating portals, companies boost their recommendation marketing along with their reputation.




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