Spryker + zenloop

Automate Customer Retention with Spryker Systems and zenloop

With the increasing complexity of the customer journey, Spryker Systems Commerce enables online shops to develop highly customized digital business models for both the B2B and B2C sector. The mission of Spryker Systems and zenloop is the proactive and efficient design of touchpoints based on feedback data to get a comprehensive overview of the customer journey and identify reasons for churn.



Optimize Customer Experience in Online Shops

By automating feedback analysis and reporting, it is possible to determine customer satisfaction at any touchpoint. This allows to identify directly where internal action is needed. Companies optimize their customer journey by proactively and efficiently designing all touchpoints based on feedback data.

Professional Support for Top Shop Performance

Our dedicated team of experts, consisting of zenloop and Spryker Systems, supports the company, supports the exchange of know-how and optimizes the shop results.


Fully Developed Interface

With the zenloop integration, Spryker Systems customers can access the functionality of zenloop and integrate it into their shop environment. This saves a lot of time thanks to the automation of all feedback flows.

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