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Excellent Customer Experience With Seven Senders GmbH & zenloop

Seven Senders GmbH is the leading shipping platform for an efficient delivery process. The smart tracking solution brings full transparency to the entire transport chain. In combination with the retention software zenloop, companies can track and measure the customer experience after purchase to ensure an optimal customer experience.



Optimized Shipping Operations With Precise Analyses

Using the delivery solution from Seven Senders GmbH and zenloop, companies collect data on the delivery process and receive alerts on shipments, orders and critical feedback thanks to automatic analyses. This saves time-consuming manual analyses and increases efficiency enormously.

Track Customer Satisfaction After Purchase

The delivery solution of the Seven Senders GmbH and the customer retention software zenloop allow for evaluating customer satisfaction after purchase. Thus, it is possible to holistically trace the customer experience at the last touchpoint of a specific order.


Strengthen Customer Retention and Boost Revenues

Satisfied customers buy more often and have larger shopping baskets at their favored retailers. Combining NPS feedback with high transparency in the delivery process reveals strengths and weaknesses in the delivery process. This makes it possible to optimize internal structures as well as carrier management to provide a first-class after-purchase experience to the customer.

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