parcelLab + zenloop

Create a First-class Customer Experience via parcelLab Login and zenloop

After the order confirmation, the customer contact usually aborts, however, shipping is the most emotional part of the customer journey and offers great potential. With every parcelLab login, companies can send a personalized message to the customer at every relevant shipping event. Additionally, the integrated Track&Trace page provides valuable traffic that would otherwise be lost to shipping service providers. In combination with the integrated experience management platform zenloop, companies can track and measure the customer experience during the customer journey to ensure it’s optimal configuration.



Increase Customer Proximity and Improve Sales

Customers who are satisfied with the shopping experience not only have larger shopping carts, but also buy more often and become returning customers. NPS® feedback through the SaaS solution zenloop, in combination with parcelLab’s Track & Trace site, increases transparency along the entire customer journey and allows to minimize customer service requests. Thus, companies can succeed in offering a first-class after-purchase experience.

Better Customer Experience at All Touchpoints

Managing all touchpoints of the customer journey is essential for an optimal CX. However, customer contact often breaks off right after the purchase is completed, even though the shipment itself is associated with negative experiences. The smart cloud solution of parcelLab enables sending shipping messages in company branding to the customer. In addition, the recording and evaluation of NPS feedback at each customer touchpoint allow the customer journey to be tracked and improved even more. Thus, all touchpoints are analyzed and opportunities for up- and cross-selling arise.

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Personalised Communication and Targeted Recommendations for Action

With personalized shipping messages that can be easily sent with each parcelLab login, companies can turn their shipping into a positive customer experience and thereby create valuable touchpoints. The greatest advantage, however, is that the NPS survey generated with zenloop can be created directly on the day of the parcel delivery to the customer, as this time is determined exactly by parcelLab. Furthermore, companies can simply receive data on the delivery process with zenloop and react faster and more targeted through automatic alerts on shipments, orders, and critical feedback.

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