Contentsquare + zenloop

Outstanding Customer Experience via Contentsquare Login and zenloop

The Contentsquare experience analytics platform helps companies improve their digital transformation efforts by analyzing the impact of every user interaction with the corporate website or mobile application. In combination with the integrated experience management platform zenloop and customized NPS® surveys, all touchpoints of the customer journey can be queried and optimized at each Contentsquare login.


Benefit 1

Create Successful Customer Journeys with Customer Insights

Data is vital for strengthening customer relationships. It provides the framework for optimization potential along the entire customer journey. zenloop generates this database by collecting and evaluating NPS feedback at every customer touchpoint. In combination with the automated insights about the customers’ interaction with the website that is easily received with every Contentsquare login, companies can conduct far-reaching journey analyses to efficiently optimize the customer journey.

Recognize Churning Customers Early On and Identify Reasons

To retain customers in the long-term, companies must offer an optimal customer experience. It is essential to identify dissatisfied customers and determine their motives. By linking zenloop’s NPS and customer satisfaction data with the collected data on page-internal interactions and micro gestures of Contentsquare, it is possible to identify reasons for abandoned purchases and customer churn as well as the pages with the greatest potential for improvement. In addition, Contentsquare and zenloop both create automatic recommendations for actions based on data analysis.

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Successful Grouping and Visualization of Customer Segments

In order to be able to respond specifically to customer requests and needs, it is important to group trends and customer segments. The SaaS solution zenloop automatically collects customer feedback, analyzes, and clusters it with the help of sentiment and impact analysis. In addition, Contentsquare enables converting the collected website data into visualizations and recommendations for action. With the help of a sunburst diagram, all data of the customer journey is then displayed. The presentation and clustering of customers by zenloop into promoters, detractors, and passives and by Contentsquare into segments allows setting a focus as well as to better respond to the individual needs of the respective group and to apply specific marketing measures

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