Better customer relationships

In the beginning

The story of zenloop started with foundation of our first company, Flaconi, a great online beauty story. Our goal was to create the best shopping experience in beauty e-commerce.

But how to get there? We thought the best way was to ask our customers. We used the net-promoter-score (NPS) method, gathered feedback at numerous touchpoints and improved our service based on this feedback.

We received thousands of valuable customer comments every day, without a proper tool to support. The idea of zenloop started to grow in our heads, and quickly, like-minded joined our mission...

Better relationships, better lives

Our ultimate purpose is to improve relationships. Between you and your customer. Between you and your team. Between you and anyone else. And by this to improve in small steps the lives of everybody.

Our Office

Our Core Values

Purpose first

Our company purpose is our North Star in our decision making. It keeps us focused. It drives us to reach the stars.

Respectful listening

We listen to each other without judgement. We value diversity in opinions. We discuss openly, honestly and kindly.

Learn and grow

We love to learn and by this to grow. On the growth path we try, make mistakes and learn continuously

Act fast and find a way

Better 80% now than 100% never. We believe you can achieve everything. And you find a way.

Getting things done

Results are our fuel. We feel great when we have achieved something. We love to build.

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