Meet zenloop’s CX Action Management Platform

Over the last 6 years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies roll out their CX programs and in doing so we’ve seen an increase in companies struggling to translate customer feedback into action. 

In fact, our Action Management Study confirmed it – there’s a disconnect between customer insights and what actions companies take. We call this the Action Gap.

The Action Gap is the problem, and CX Action Management is the solution.

CX Action Management connects feedback with the right actions, creating a loop that starts and ends with customer communications. 

CX Action Management needs to be supported by the right technology. One that bridges the gap between customer feedback and action, shifting the focus from collecting feedback to acting on it.

Which is why we’ve relaunched zenloop as a CX Action Management Platform.

zenloop has evolved into an operating system that addresses the 3 key challenges of CX:

  1. Efficiency – by translating insights directly into workflows
  2. Analytics Paralysis – by helping define priorities and providing guidance through benchmarks
  3. Lack of ROI – by directly impacting retention, referrals, and customer value.

Our new-look Platform has been transformed with Action in mind, aimed to support you in speeding up CX operations and to facilitate action.

We’re very excited for this new chapter and look forward to sharing it with you!

Grace Hemberg

Grace Hemberg

Product Marketing Manager