Meet a zenloopie: Kris

Meet a zenloopie: Kris

Even with 15 years’ experience in the tech industry––as a programmer, CTO, and a co-founder of his own software company––, our backend developer Kris still finds himself learning new things at zenloop. In his interview, he touches on what those things are, what he enjoys most about working at zenloop, and the interesting side projects he likes to spend his free time on. If you too are interested in joining the zenloop team, make sure to check out our current vacancies.

Kris, excited to have you! Please introduce yourself and your role at zenloop briefly.
Hey, my name is Krzysztof, but everyone calls me Kris. I’ve been with zenloop for about three years now and since the beginning, I’ve been working remotely from Poznań, Poland. I’m a backend developer and accordingly responsible for developing the backend part of the applications we create. Besides my work as a developer, I am also the head of the backend cohort at zenloop. My usual day-to-day consists of a mix of technical tasks like writing code, performing code reviews, supporting other developers as well as product planning meetings where I always try to help other team members to make good decisions based on my technical knowledge.

If you had to explain your job in three sentences, what would you say?
If I had to describe my job at zenloop in just three sentences, it would be: I develop a product that allows our customers to check whether their customers are satisfied with the products or services they offer. This allows our customers to improve their offering. In doing so, I have the chance to work with very smart people and can develop my skills along the way.

Which stages did you go through on the way to your current position at zenloop?
In total, I have over 15 years of experience in programming and other IT-related activities. Throughout these years, I have worked as a programmer, CTO, and even as a co-founder of a software company. The experience I’ve gained during this time is both technical and entrepreneurial. At zenloop, I’m able to put these experiences to good use and, at the same time, I’ve found a workplace that combines my interest in new technologies with working in a multicultural company which is exactly the kind of work environment I enjoy.

Given your extensive experience, what new things have you learned at zenloop?
When I started at zenloop, I was hired as a backend developer––now I also lead the backend cohort team, which allows me to improve my skills in this area. I try to regularly update my knowledge about new technologies we use at zenloop and, among other things, to be a good role model for my teammates. My goal at zenloop is to organize everything in such a way that my colleagues can enjoy a smooth working day. It’s also important to me to make sure that everyone feels like they’re part of the team. I really enjoy solving technical problems and working with very smart and experienced people and learn a lot from this collaboration.

Is there a special experience you had at zenloop that you like to think back to?
Most of the developers, pretty much all the people I work with on a daily basis at zenloop, work completely remotely. We see each other on the screen almost every day, but it’s not the same as meeting in real life. That’s why I’ve always really enjoyed our team events in the summer and winter, for which the whole team gets together. These kinds of events simply give us all the opportunity to get to know each other better and spend more time together.

I completely agree. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
My hobby, or maybe rather a little side-project of mine, is my own podcast. I’ve been producing it for over 3 years now and have already published over 100 episodes. The podcast is in Polish and is called “Let’s talk about IT”. I also love spending time with my wife and son.

Kris, thank you so much for your time!
My pleasure.

Interested in joining Kris’ team or zenloop in general? Make sure to check out our career page to see all our vacancies.


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