Job interview: What Is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

Job interview: What Is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

Maybe you’ve just finished your studies or you want to professionally re-orient yourself – but don’t know what to do? If that sounds like you, then consider the job of Entrepreneur-in-Residence at our integrated experience platform zenloop, which gives you experience in all their different divisions. Today, we’re interviewing our current Entrepreneur in Residence, Judith, about her work and day-to-day tasks.

Please briefly introduce yourself.

Hi – I’m Judith, and I finished my studies in Mannheim last summer. I moved to Berlin to be the “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” at the integrated experience management platform zenloop. As well as startups, I’m interested in sports, politics & literature.

What is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and what do they do?

Well, of course, I can only speak for zenloop, but here are the basics: As Entrepreneur-in-Residence, you get the chance to learn the craft of being an entrepreneur. Here, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence is typically a Bachelor or Masters graduate who has an interest in – but currently is not yet able to – founding their own startup.

During the one-year trainee program, you get insights into typical startup operating divisions: In my case, these are the areas of Customer Success & Accounting. These areas are different for everyone, but your choice should reflect your talents, existing knowledge, and interests.

In addition to “normal” work in the respective divisions, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence sees their role as a kind of “Assistant” for the founder and helps, for example, in the areas of business development or internal and external company presentations.

What do you hope to gain from your role at zenloop?

I want to gain deep insight in the functioning of startups and the Berlin Ecosystem. In addition, I hope that through working at zenloop and quickly assuming responsibility, I will work with experienced and competent colleagues and make valuable contacts. So far my experiences have exceeded my expectations ;).

What is your typical workday like?

Every day is different, and the tasks which await depend on which topics have priority. In this respect, the work is both very varied and intense and encompasses many different topics. The good thing is that the days seem to go by so fast that I never get bored :).

How would you describe zenloop to a good friend?

I would describe zenloop as a superb combination of autonomous work and supervision from competent superiors with good leadership skills.

What do you like most about working at zenloop?

That our product is being constantly improved and developed. That is not only good to see, but it is also a process you can actively shape. Also, I really like that the developmental opportunities of the individual employees are considered and supported by the management team.

What personal strengths and qualities did your work at zenloop help you discover and develop in yourself?

Multitasking and speed ;). In order to get such insights into the various departments, it is vital to never lose sight of the big picture, despite the continual changing of priorities and the requirement to respond promptly and appropriately.

What were your first few weeks at zenloop like; how was the onboarding?

The onboarding helped me learn a lot about our product, E-Commerce, SaaS, and plenty about IT. I also learned about the corporate culture at zenloop. We put a lot of value on how we convey our corporate values and to explain how we communicate, work, and give feedback. I find that good and highly important.

What do you most enjoy about your role as entrepreneur-in-residence?

I think it’s that I’m involved in so many different projects, in almost every different division. This gives me a holistic overview of how the company operates and is built.

How would you describe the style of work and the dynamics of your team?

The working style is completely “hands-on”. What I also really like about our young team is that we represent many different nationalities, that we are growing evermore together, and that every employee is treated with respect. Not a day passes without a nice chat amongst colleagues. I also think that the humor of the team members harmonizes very well.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be Entrepreneur-in-Residence at zenloop?

If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur-in-residence, it’s not a problem if you have no concrete idea of your professional future. However, you should bring a lot of positive energy and a strong interest in the Zenloop team and our product.

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