PAQATO + zenloop

Transparent communication during shipping via PAQATO and zenloop

Keep customers happy, reduce service requests and increase sales through personalized communication on the parcel journey. With TRAQ, SPEAQ, QONTROL and RETURN, PAQATO offers an all-round package shipping solution for online retailers. Using automated customer communication, individualized track & trace pages in the store design and smart shipping analyses, PAQATO helps keep customers and sellers informed at all times. In the process, zenloop helps evaluate the feedback data obtained and initiate the next steps.

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Inspire to buy again during the parcel journey

With their own track & trace page, customers are informed about the status of their order in individual wording and design. While waiting for their package, customers are guided back to the shop and inspired to buy again by complementary products, promotions or voucher codes.


Keep customers up to date

PAQATO proactively informs customers about status changes in the status of the package journey and prevents dissatisfaction from arising in the first place. With the communication channels Email, SMS or WhatsApp, shipping messages are sent automatically and personalised. More than 30 different shipping triggers are available for the optimal post purchase communication. This holistic customer experience ensures 5-star ratings and satisfied customers.


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Get transparent shipping information

PAQATO makes invisible information visible on the parcel journey. Using data intelligence, customers can be informed proactively of problems on the shipping route before they notice anything. Act instead of react. With PAQATO, the customer remains in the loop of the online shop and important customer touchpoints are no longer handed over to external shipping service providers.


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