Salesforce Login for Maximum Customer Retention with zenloop

Salesforce is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps organizations connect with their customers and gather more information about them. The CRM software is an integrated platform that provides a holistic, common view of all customers across all areas of the organization, including marketing, sales, distribution, and service.

Salesforce Login to enhance customer retention with zenloop

The zenloop integration is easily accessible via the zenloop API after the Salesforce login. Within the Salesforce account, the customer database is immediately enriched with NPS® data and can thus be extended by the following options for action:

  • Send targeted and personalized messages
  • Trigger automated emails to all customer actions
  • Track customer interactions

These Companies Enhance Customer Retention with Salesforce and zenloop

First-Class Customer Service for Direct Customer Interactions

The zenloop integration for Salesforce adds NPS feedback data to the customer directory. As a result, the customer support can address customers systematically and initiate win-back measures. In addition, satisfied customers can be bound more closely to the company.

All Customer Data in One Place

Salesforce provides a holistic view on the customer base and integrates insights from all business units. Customer feedback, along each customer journey touchpoint, provides insight into customer interaction actions. Therefore, the entire customer experience is mapped and customers are not lost at any point of the customer journey.

Personalized Shopping Experience with Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Personalized communication demonstrates your appreciation for your customers. The AIs from zenloop and Salesforce combined provide a 360 degree picture of customers and their needs. Increase your profits with personalized and relevant offers that match the current interest of each customer and offer a first-class shopping experience.


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