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Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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More than 2,000 customers around the world choose the email marketing specialist Inxmail for customized newsletters, automated mailing campaigns and transactional emails. Thanks to the direct Inxmail integration with zenloop, customer data are enriched with Net Promoter Score values. As a result, the Inxmail integration delivers personalized marketing campaigns and maximizes sales potential through up- and cross-selling.

Maximum Data Security With the Inxmail Integration

The direct integration from Inxmail and zenloop guarantees secured data by meeting the highest data protection requirements. DSGVO-compliant order data processing (AVV) and technical and organisational measures in accordance with DSGVO are fully covered.

Growing Customer Values Within the Customer Segments

With zenloop, companies identify their fans and critics. Via the Inxmail integration, it is possible to easily collect customer feedback at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Thus, the customers' voices are integrated into each section of the company so that critics can be won back with personalized offers.

Personalized E-Mail Campaigns Strengthen Customer Retention

Collecting and analyzing customer data is paramount for successful e-mail personalization. By forwarding the NPS data from zenloop to Inxmail, every customer can be addressed uniquely. In addition, automatic data processing provides detailed information on touchpoint-related NPS values. Consequently, the Inxmail integration with zenloop reveals key issues affecting the respective customer segments.

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