Emarsys personalizes communication between companies and customers across all channels – this optimizes the customer journey and increases revenues. In combination with the customer retention software zenloop, companies enrich their customer file with Net Promoter Score® data on every Emarsys Login to create personalized marketing campaigns. This results in maximized revenue potential through up-selling and cross-selling.

Market Leaders Strengthen Customer Retention with Emarsys & zenloop

Customer Feedback Optimizes the Customer Journey

Data constructs are essential for strengthening customer relationships. They provide information about optimization potentials along the entire customer journey. zenloop generates this database by recording and evaluating NPS feedback at each customer touchpoint. Due to the native integration, zenloop transfers this customer satisfaction data directly to Emarsys.

Personalized Email Campaigns Boost Customer Retention

Successful email personalization requires the collection and analysis of customer data. By forwarding the NPS data from zenloop to Emarsys, each customer is approached individually. This creates a personal level and customer trust. In addition, the data analysis clearly shows which NPS score customers leave at which touchpoints and which topics are highly relevant for the respective customer segment.

Added Value Within Customer Segments

With zenloop, companies recognize their fans and critics and easily send surveys via their Emarsys account to any touchpoint in the customer journey. This allows you to win back critics with personalized offers and turn them into real fans.

Activated Promoters Attract New Customers

The Emarsys login and the direct integration with zenloop create not only stronger customer loyalty, but also enable the acquisition of new customers via referral programs. Recommendations are the most important marketing channel. Satisfied customers and loyal promoters can be activated as brand ambassadors for recommendations to friends and family. By requesting positive reviews on rating portals, companies boost their recommendation marketing along with their reputation.


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Streamlined Personalized Email Marketing with the Net Promoter Score and the Emarsys Login

With Emarsys and zenloop, companies create personalized email campaigns and customer segments based on NPS® feedback. Combined, both software programs capture behavior, context, and purchases with the goal of creating an exclusive shopping experience and ensuring maximum customer lifetime value. Therefore, zenloop’s plug-in for Emarsys is particularly suitable for further developing customer relationships and closing the feedback loop by means of personalized email campaigns. The customer feedback loop begins with a personal email to the customer requesting feedback on the respective customer touchpoint or transaction activity. Depending on the customer segment and requirements, it is advisable to adapt the content precisely and include the customer journey in the contact process. The services of Emarsys and zenloop jointly focus on the customer and enable a targeted and personalized approach to all customer segments. This creates trust, builds personal relationships and shows appreciation. In the following, all important steps and components of a professional email personalization are described. Boost NPS via Emarsys Login and zenloop

Email Personalization with the Net Promoter System®: Personalize emails and obtain NPS feedback

The Net Promoter System is more than "just" an indicator. While the Net Promoter Score reflects quantitative feedback, the Net Promoter System also evaluates qualitative attributes in order to gain insights regarding both specific touchpoints and customers in order to derive appropriate measures. Based on this, the following email personalizations can be applied:

  • Customize the NPS question: For example gender ("...friend or colleague..." or "...friend or fellow student") or formal/Informal
  • Personalize the subject of the NPS question: Instead of asking all customers for the same product, it is possible to ask each customer individually about the purchased product. This makes the feedback more specific and the products are comparable in terms of their NPS. This is particularly suitable for targeted campaigns and surveys
  • Comment and thank you page: Both texts are personalized according to the topic of the question with reference to a single order or other individual information (e.g. individual coupon codes)
  • Link on thank you page: Respondents can be redirected to an individual URL, e.g. to a rating platform, to friends or to a referral page with the option to select only promoters. Individual coupon codes can also be handed out to participants as a thank-you

This places the focus on the individual customer and their experience with the company. By capturing customer behavior, preferences and information, it is possible to personalize email forms with the appropriate information for each individual recipient. As a consequence, you can offer a relevant additional product or service and develop a cross- or up-sell strategy to increase profit.

Place the Focus on Ccustomer Experience

Every company strives for increasing profits. By evaluating customer feedback at various touchpoints, companies identify specific weaknesses in their customer journey and initiate measures to eliminate them. As a result, customer satisfaction increases along with the likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals to friends and family. This also facilitates the acquisition of new customers. Strong customer retention is only possible once a personal level has been established with the customer. Recipients of personalized email campaigns gain confidence in the company and develop into loyal and long-term customers. In addition, personalized email campaigns offer many other advantages. For example, the implementation usually involves little effort and, if customer segments have been created, can be implemented in a short time. By segmenting customers, it is easy to adapt communication to specific interest groups or demographic data. To summarize, email personalization offers the following benefits according to Hubspot:

  • Increased conversions – Adding value to messages: Generic emails have a negative impact on the conversion rate
  • Facilitated conversion – Only offer relevant content and offers to match the current level in the Customer Journey: People are more likely to act when the action is quick and simple
  • Fewer emails - communication is not perceived as spam
  • Improved Lead Nurturing – Personalized content tailored to each person's interests and behavior creates a stronger connection and transforms more leads into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
  • Optimized sales calls – use information from the database for personalized sales calls
  • Welcoming new customers – use marketing attribution to communicate relevant benefits in line with specific customer interests and needs

A study by ActiveTrail found that 82 percent of the marketing specialists surveyed had increased their opening rates due to email personalization. 75 percent are also convinced that personalization also enables higher click-through rates. The majority of smaller companies and marketing experts already appreciate the impact of personalization on customer retention and marketing. However, it is not unusual that generic bulk emails are often sent to every customer, regardless of their customer segment. Unsurprisingly, the result of this procedure is that the customer does not feel addressed and in the worst case this email flows automatically into the spam folder. To illustrate the high relevance of email personalization, the ActiveTrail study also shows that 52 percent of all customers continue their product search on other platforms if corresponding promotional emails are not personalized. It lacks the incentive to visit this page directly rather than simply consulting a search service provider. This observation is also confirmed by a Salesforce study showing that excessive contact with irrelevant emails to consumers is considered as unprofessional. Nowadays, online shops clearly need a well-planned customized marketing strategy. However, this can be difficult without a clear roadmap of the resources and technologies required for proper implementation. Emarsys has published an Ultimate Guide to Personalized Marketing Campaigns. This guide emphasizes that customers expect tailored communication and overall better brand experience with every interaction.

Personalised Offers and Personal Data

The Salesforce study shows that 57 percent out of all consumers surveyed expressed their willingness to pass on personal data in exchange for personalized offers or discounts. In addition, consumers share personal information to get better product recommendations that meet their needs (52 percent) and create personalized shopping experiences (53 percent). Almost two-thirds (62 percent) of all interviewed consumers say it is acceptable that companies send personalized offers/discounts based on the items they have already purchased. Consequently, it is particularly important to optimize the customer experience and thus respond individually to customers' needs to ensure that each individual feels valued and heard.

Customer and Order-Specific Content for Each Target Group in Real-Time

With the integration of customizable content blocks with real-time content creation based on NPS data, it is possible to fully exploit the engagement potential of an email campaign. In this way, e-mails can be translated into live feeds, in which recipients are informed about facts such as stock levels, hotel, and airfares, or the dispatch status. For example, tracking emails always contain the correct status, i.e. whether the email is opened while the package is in transit, arriving, or being delivered. Email personalization relies on the appropriate segmentation of all recipients and the associated customer data. Customer segments offer the advantage of addressing several customers with the same interests and needs. In this case, it is particularly important to update the data continuously. Otherwise, individualized content, offers, and promotions will not match the current needs of the customer, with the risk that customers may perceive the communication channels of the email campaign as irrelevant or, in the worst case, even as spam.

The Persona Concept: Creating Customer Groups Using Attribution

As part of customer segmentation, it is useful to create customer personas. These are created from a multitude of data points and can be understood as a group with very similar interests and needs. For this purpose, it makes sense to group customers with a mixture of attributes and actions. The persona concept combines typical character traits and interests into fictitious customers. According to Neil Patel, interest- and need-specific groupings are formed automatically, whose characteristics can then be addressed in email campaigns. This increases the email opening rate and customers receive only content and offers relevant to them. With the persona concept, you benefit from the obligation to promote target group-oriented marketing. Consequently, the focus of customer interaction is on the individual and not on the product. This concept can be implemented after the Emarsys Login and the download of the zenloop plugin. Since zenloop forwards customer feedback data to Emarsys, companies can identify specific areas of interest and problem and create customer personas based on this knowledge.

Acquire New Customers and Grow Shopping Baskets through Personalized Purchase Incentives

Personalized incentives, supported by AI algorithms, improve target group performance with customized offers and promotions. AI marketing technologies like Emarsys make data-driven decisions that can turn any campaign into an intelligent program - for example, to increase shopping carts or attract new customers. In this way, it is possible to automatically customize the content for each customer individually, and offer customized discounts and promotions tailored to the individual customer - according to their value to the company and the chosen corporate strategy. E-mail personalization ensures long-term customer retention. Retailers can use individual offers to sell more and more frequently. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that email personalization is a win-win situation for both companies and their customers. Companies can better understand their customers and optimize the customer experience in the customer journey. Product development reveals which customer problems need to be solved next and which customers have which requirements. Customers, on the other hand, enjoy relevant offers and feel valued.

Strengthen Customer Retention via Emarsys Login and zenloop

The zenloop plugin for Emarsys can be implemented quickly and easily with a user-friendly interface. After the Emarsys login, you can easily increase customer loyalty automatically and enrich Emarsys with NPS data on customer satisfaction to create personalized email campaigns. As a result, opening rates, click-through, and conversions increase. This facilitates the win-back of churning customers through personalized measures and the maximization of customer value and profits through up- and cross-selling campaigns.