Shopify Login for zenloop to Increase Customer Retention

Shopify is one of the world's leading multi-channel trading platforms dedicated to creating the best e-commerce experience for retailers and their customers. As a robust and easy-to-use platform, Shopify continues to evolve in order to lead a dynamic industry.

Shopify Login for zenloop to increase customer retention

Every Shopify store connects directly to the zenloop plug-in. With just a few clicks, each shop owner can automatically measure customer retention and accurately forecast company growth:

  • Monitor customer satisfaction at every customer touchpoint in the store
  • Optimize the shopping experience with customer feedback
  • Communicate appreciation and strengthen customer relationships

Customer Feedback Optimizes Customer Experience in the Online Shop

Gain insights from customer feedback and identify shortcomings in the online shop: Numerical feedback based on a score of 0-10 provides an overview of current developments. Comment-based feedback is the central factor to find out why customers chose the corresponding score. Collect and analyze customer feedback via zenloop customer surveys in the online shop or via e-mail surveys in order to pinpoint reasons for churn.

Seamless Integration via Plug-in

Thanks to the direct integration of the zenloop plug-in, online shops can collect and analyze feedback directly within the zenloop platform without the need for a Shopify login. With the help of Smart Labels, the zenloop AI recognizes reasons for churn from the collected feedback and classifies customers into promoters (satisfied), passives (neutral) and detractors (dissatisfied).

Excite and Retain Customers in the Long Term

A fast response to customer feedback is the key to strong customer retention. One in two customers expects a response from the customer service team within seven days. The zenloop retention software identifies dissatisfied customers immediately. This enables companies to act immediately and initiate recovery measures straightaway.


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