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Why is zenloop a better alternative for Wootric? Our integrated experience management platform recognizes dissatisfied customers along the customer journey and enables every company to win them back easily. zenloop’s Net Promoter System uses semantic text and mood analysis to identify customer needs and automatically forwards feedback to the appropriate employees. This enables companies to quickly respond to detractors and their wishes and initiate personalized recovery measures.

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Survey Methodology
Survey Channels
Email, Website, App
Email, Website, App
Import of Historical NPS Data
Shop System Integrations
Analytic Functions
Translation of Customer Comments
Semantic Text Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Raw Data Access
Data Segmentation
“Closing the Loop” Feature
Configuration of NPS Alerts
Automatic Forwarding of NPS Feedback (Customer Service, Marketing Cloud, Ticket System, etc.)
Live Feed
Automatic Forwarding of Promoters to Review Sites
Customer Support Tool Integrations
Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk
EU Hosting
Customer Management
Premium Customer Support & Integrations
Multiple Brand Support
CX & Retention Consulting
CRM & ESP System Integrations

Why Leading Companies Choose zenloop

Collecting Feedback at Multiple Touchpoints
With our integrated experience management platform, companies can individually define on which touchpoints to collect feedback. This allows them to schedule surveys as needed and to reflect customer sentiment throughout the whole journey.
Automatically Forwarding Negative Feedback
Our platform immediately categorizes negative feedback and automatically forwards it to the responsible employees. These employees can then address the issue by approaching the unsatisfied, churning customers, and win them back as promoters.
Tracking NPS Feedback 24/7 via Live Feeds
We inform employees about the current status of their NPS. This allows all departments within the organization to get an overview of the current mood of their customers and assess it around the clock in order to identify relevant changes.
Using Promoters for Referral-Marketing
Positive feedback should be used effectively. Therefore, zenloop identifies and directs satisfied customers to the most common review sites. In this way, potential new customers get a positive first impression of the company.
Detecting and Removing Churn Drivers
Customer comments are categorized and evaluated using a semantic text and mood analysis. This enables companies to identify the reasons for customer churn, as well as taking effective actions to remove those churn drivers.
Establishing an Open Feedback Culture
We believe that improvements are only possible with an open feedback culture. Our platform offers various integrations that enable companies to better interact with their customers and build powerful customer experiences.

Outstanding Speed and Accuracy

With the integrated experience management platform zenloop, customer opinions are collected quickly and companies can accelerate their feedback processes. Through live feedback, the configuration of alerts, and the automatic forwarding of NPS feedback to the responsible employees, companies can track their performance in real-time. Based on the results, employees can react faster to Net Promoter Scores in high-risk areas, quickly address pain points, and win back dissatisfied customers.

When it comes to integrations, zenloop is far ahead of Wootric. A big advantage for retailers are the shop system integrations such as Shopify, Magento, and Shopware, which are unavailable with Wootric. This means for companies that they do not need their own scripts to place NPS surveys in their online shops. Our platform also enables the integration of various CRM & ESP systems, while Wootric only offers the Salesforce integration to its clients. These integration options make data management easier and relieve the burden on employees, who can then focus entirely on their customers. In addition, zenloop users have access to extensive analysis and action features, which are specially designed for the B2C industry.



User-Friendly Design

Our user interface is particularly convincing due to the clear structure and user-friendly design, which allows for easy navigation.  This enables our customers to create NPS surveys and obtain customer feedback within a short amount of time and thus to counteract customer churn proactively.  Although Wootric also convinces in the area of user-friendliness, the user interface is still somewhat more complex and therefore less intuitive. As a result, navigation on the Wootric platform can be confusing, especially to new users, and may require a longer onboarding period.

Customized Pricing Packages

Unlike the Wootric platform, which offers three different price levels, we focus on individually tailored pricing packages. This allows companies to customize their feature set depending on their needs and the features they desire. Although Wootric offers a free package, too, it is very limited and can, therefore, be seen more like a trial plan and cannot be compared to a full CX platform like zenloop. Instead of the free trial version, as offered by Wootric, interested parties can register for a free demo with zenloop. During this demo, our CX experts take time to address individual questions and provide a comprehensive insight into our platform.


Our Free Demo is the Best Way to Get to Know Our Software.

Customer Retention with zenloop is the Ideal Solution for Your Company
Individually measure customer experiences at all touchpoints along the entire customer journey.
Real-time analysis and aggregated reports allow identifying the causes for dissatisfied customers.
Bring real-time customer feedback into your organization and build a customer-centric culture.
Recognize dissatisfied, churning customers and win them back in an automated, personalized way.
Leverage the potential of loyal customers for free referrals and improving your online reputation.

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