Say Hello to Topics

Topics (previously known as Smart Labels) automate the industry-specific tagging of your customer’s comments.

With its intuitive UI, the system allows you to create an individualized Topics structure for more in-depth analysis and targeted automations – text analysis has never been easier!

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of unstructured feedback data? Or perhaps you’re one of the 90% of companies that can’t successfully translate customer insights into impactful initiatives (Source: Action Management Study). 

If you are, don’t worry – zenloop’s Topics are here to help.

How Topics Cure Analysis Paralysis And Drives Innovation

With Topics, you can create an individualized Topic structure for in-depth analysis, allowing you to evaluate your feedback in aggregated form – at scale.

You can customize up-to 4 levels of Topics to automatically label the collected feedback in over 100 languages*. Identify your customer’s biggest pain points across all markets and for all your different products in real time and route this feedback to the right internal stakeholders to drive innovation.

Pro Tip: The more granular your Topic structure, the less manual time you need to invest in analyzing feedback.

For example, easily identify that 60% of customers are complaining about Delivery Cost by drilling down into your Delivery Topic within the Drivers charts.

dashboard topics

How Topics Create Wow Moments For Your Customers

Delight your customers by acting on feedback with quick, tailored initiatives based on the Topic and Sentiment. 

By using your Topic structure, you’re able to set up automated retention campaigns tailored to the complaint by enriching your marketing or customer relationship tool with this data. For example, create an automated workflow that allows you to react fast with a free delivery voucher when a customer complains about the shipping cost.

Topics for Action Management

With zenloop, you take control of your Topic labeling with customized Keyword sets based on dedicated industry templates. This allows you to fully customize your analysis and customer actions to suit your businesses.

No software solution lives in a separate siloed space. Features like Topics combined with our native and API integrations allow our customers to create and easily manage a complete ecosystem of applications to manage the entire customer journey. 

Grace Hemberg

Grace Hemberg

Product Marketing Manager