Focus on Customer-Centric Innovation with zenloop’s Dashboards

With Dashboards, you can remove data silos and monitor your business’ most important metrics at a glance.

Every decision-maker and key stakeholder, from strategic to operational, in all industries and in companies of all sizes, wants a dashboard. Who can blame them? Visualizations are a fantastic way to convey and access information fast.

But people have a love/hate relationship with dashboards.

In a recent study zenloop conducted with customer experience professionals about their biggest pain points, 35% complained about spending too much time looking at too many dashboards containing too much information, with the main wish being “to have access to a single dashboard that represents a single source of truth for BI data.

We listened and decided to create a new kind of dashboard. One that can remove data silos and monitor your business’ most important CX metrics at a glance.

One page. One single source of truth. That’s zenloop’s Dashboards.

With a simple creation flow, in just a few clicks you can combine any of the x charts to quickly identify churn drivers and key satisfaction indicators.

Plus with flexible chart positioning, you can make fast data-driven decisions – never missing an opportunity to act on customer feedback.

Actionable Dashboards: From CX Insights to Action

Dashboards alone won’t solve customer needs but they can facilitate turning their insights into action. 

This is actually one of the main shortcomings of existing CXM solutions which we’re replacing with our Action Management approach

There are two processes that need to be facilitated and streamlined in order to trigger Action: (1) Turning data into immediate insights; and (2) Translating such insights into workflows and impactful initiatives.

To achieve these goals, aggregate your data (e.g. by touchpoint or country) and monitor your satisfaction drivers across different segments to gain an intrinsic understanding of your customer’s experience.

Insights can be gathered at different levels of granularity, from a macro perspective on multiple customer journeys to a highly focused analysis of a specific segment by breaking down or clustering information.

Immediate access to insights allows you to quickly move on to implementing action plans without wasting time trying to model, arrange, and interpret data. 

Then you can use this understanding to identify ways of driving innovation and improvements of your products, services or processes.

The actionable data will guide your planning when it comes to setting up automated workflows to initiate win-back or advocacy plans based on customer feedback, while triggering innovation projects to resolve the problems that cause discontent. 

Ensuring issues don’t recur demonstrates your customer’s feedback has value and stops them feeling like they’re “screaming into the void.” This increases loyalty and their emotional bond to your company.

Creating customer delight means leading them from happy customers to loyal fans by establishing a solid relationship based on mutual trust, accountability, and appreciation. 

The added value of keeping customers in the loop is obvious: Loyal customers don’t churn, despite potential future hiccups, shortcomings, or even price increases.

Hellen Weber

Marketing Manager