Introducing zenSurvey: Revolutionizing Feedback Collection

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation: zenSurveys, also known as zenloop 2.0! This groundbreaking development redefines the feedback collection process, making it easier than ever to gather valuable insights. We’ve upgraded our platform from simple NPS-Surveys to fully customizable customer surveys, completely powered by AI.

Key Features of zenSurveys

  1. Intuitive Creation: Creating surveys has never been simpler. With zenSurveys, you only need to provide a written prompt, and our AI takes care of the rest. It helps you craft comprehensive surveys tailored to your specific needs, saving you time and effort. In addition, you have access to a wide range of templates and a builder for starting from scratch if you prefer.
  2. Full Flexibility: zenSurveys offers complete flexibility to fit your preferences. You can use standards such as NPS or CSAT or set up complex, conditional surveys, with open questions and any scale you choose. The adaptability provided by zenSurveys ensures that your feedback collection aligns perfectly with your goals – from now on, zenloop is the only survey tool you need!
  3. Multi-Question Capability: Gathering diverse feedback is made easy with the multi-question capability. Whether you are conducting market research or surveying customer sentiments, zenSurveys can accommodate your requirements.
  4. Dependency Trees: Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your surveys with advanced dependency trees/conditional questions. This feature ensures that respondents only encounter questions relevant to their previous answers, streamlining the survey process and improving the quality of the data collected.

Ready to try zenSurveys?

We believe zenSurveys will unlock the next level in your ability to collect feedback, offering a user-friendly and powerful tool to gain deeper insights into customer experiences and preferences.

For our customers: If you’re interested in trying out zenSurveys, please contact your Customer Success Manager. We look forward to helping you leverage this new tool to its full potential!

Hellen Weber

Marketing Manager