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Product Insights

New Feature: NPS® Platform zenloop Integrates Google Translate

With the Google Translate integration, zenloop launches its next useful feature for its customers. Not everyone is a budding linguist. But now, with just a few clicks w...

Magento & Co. – zenloop Launches Shop System Integrations

From today on, customers of the integrated Experience Management Platform zenloop can integrate their Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, and Shopify shop systems into thei...

The Correct Use of Smart Labels in NPS® Analysis

Those who hear about NPS often consider just the score and totally forget that platforms like zenloop offer the measurement of the Net Promoter Score but also a complet...

zenloop Expands Its Product Range with the Iris NPS® Benchmarking Database

With Iris – NPS Benchmarks to empower your retention strategy, the customer experience and retention management platform zenloop expands its product portfolio with an N...

zenloop Launches New Sentiment & Impact Analysis Features

With their new sentiment and impact analysis, the customer retention and NPS® platform zenloop launches features that provide additional insight into the customer exper...

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