Automate Customer Retention via
Zendesk Login and zenloop

Zendesk products for customer service and customer retention are powerful, flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any business. Their cloud-based platform provides helpdesk ticketing, self-service and customer service support capabilities for all industries. After the Zendesk Login, the zenloop app is accessible via API. The app allows sending custom alerts, notifications and critical errors to authorized employees, accelerating win-back actions.

Market Leaders Strengthen Customer Retention with Zendesk and zenloop

Automated tickets support immediate win-back actions

The zenloop integration with Zendesk enables the automatic creation of new tickets as soon as critical customer feedback is received. This means that the customer support can address dissatisfied customers and initiate win-back actions without delay.

Alerts Notify Employees About Critical Customers

"Alerts" automatically send ticket updates to employees without the need to switch to the zenloop application. Consequently, customer feedback and NPS® performance are processed more easily and quickly, as responsible colleagues are immediately alerted by tickets when problems and bugs occur. E-mail alerts inform the product department, for example, as soon as a detractor mentions "product quality" or "product range" in the feedback.


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