Book and Podcast Essentials for CX Managers

Book and Podcast Essentials for CX Managers

Customer experience is a topic that requires strategy, knowledge, and empathy in equal parts. But above all, in today’s customer-driven business world, you are moving in a field that is constantly evolving. This highly dynamic environment requires companies to stay up-to-date and adapt to current trends and wishes.

No matter if you are a beginner, well experienced, or a proven CX expert – as the German proverb says: You never stop learning! The following book and podcast recommendations are intended to provide food for thought, help you change your perspective and deepen your knowledge about customer experience.

Books about Customer Experience

1. Der Konkurrenz ein Kundenerlebnis voraus – Karin Glattes

Get inspired by a real expert in this book. Karin Glattes is an entrepreneur from Bonn who looks back on many years of professional experience in the fields of marketing, customer relationship management, service, communication, and personnel development. Her consulting approach aims to help companies create a convincing overall image for their customers. This book on Customer Experience Management is therefore a must-read for all german-speaking CX managers who want to achieve successful CX management and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The author provides information on common CX metrics such as the Net Promoter Score® and explains the building blocks of a successful CX model and its long-term impact on an organization.

Particularly interesting: In addition to her own practical experience, Karin Glattes has collected tips and best practices from international CX experts across all industries and published them in this book. In doing so, readers can easily pick up on concrete ideas and find inspiration.

2. Customer Experience Management in der Praxis – Alexander Tiffert

This book is highly recommended for anyone working in Customer Experience Management. Using different cases, Dr. Alexander Tiffert combines theoretical content with practical methods and explains why CX Management is relevant for every company.

As a consultant, Alexander Tiffert guides complex management and organizational development processes in many companies. The author is convinced that the Customer Journey has to be a holistic experience and offers readers a compact overview of this diverse topic. The book’s structured approach and the concrete practical examples that the author provides are particularly worth mentioning. This book is definitely worth a read and has rightly earned its place on the list of our CX Essentials.

3. The Ultimate Question 2.0 – Fred Reichheld

As CX Management is still far too much in the background in German companies, it is worth reading English literature. In this book, Fred Reichheld explains why the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is not just a simple key figure, but rather a comprehensive system that changes companies across all industries. In addition to the theoretical content, Reichheld shares practical examples of companies that are successfully using NPS.

The book encourages readers to put the tips directly into practice in their own companies. So if you want to learn how to use customer feedback as a long-term driver for corporate success, this book is guaranteed to satisfy your curiosity. Learn here how to ensure sustainable company success through customer feedback.

Still not convinced? Business leaders like John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, or Apple Senior Vice President Ron Johnson recommend ‘The Ultimate Question 2.0’.

4. Hug your haters – Jay Baer

Bestseller author Jay Baer writes very convincingly about dissatisfied customers and proper complaint management. The modern style of writing and the humorous tone make this book an easy, yet informative read. Baer combines research, case studies, and even posters in his book to entertain the reader and catch his full attention. He describes current trends in CX management and offers solutions on how to turn „haters” into loyal customers. Readers confirm that this book opens up new perspectives and is therefore justified to be on our essential list.

Podcasts on Customer Centricity and CX

1. Blickwinkel Kunde: Frische Impulse und Motivation für den Unternehmenserfolg – Oliver Ratajczak

With the terms customer loyalty, regular customers, customer enthusiasm, marketing, and communication, this German podcast hits the mark for us. Oliver Ratajczak covers all core areas of customer experience management and offers tips for implementation in practice. He targets all entrepreneurs, managers, and self-employed professionals who want to learn how to turn prospects into customers and then convert them into regular customers. Let this podcast entertain and inspire you!

2. Kundenzentriert – Armin Hering

On Spotify you can find a lot of educational content, such as this podcast about customer-centricity. Armin Hering focuses mainly on customer-centered sales and invites experts for interviews in every new episode. In short sequences, they discuss the current developments in sales and exchange strategies on how companies can react to these changes. With many years of experience and interesting knowledge, Hering certainly deserves a place on our essential list.

Also: Armin Hering’s website is worth a visit.

3. The Customer Experience Podcast – Ethan Beute

For all English speaking people: In this podcast, the American entrepreneur Ethan Beute shares tips on how employees in all departments of a company can work together towards better customer experience. He points out the role that personalization plays in customer experience and explains how companies can successfully differentiate themselves. Beute offers a wide range of topics and publishes new episodes on his channel weekly. With humor, practicality, and simplicity, he generates value for his listeners. This podcast is worth listening to.

You can find further tips and information on the subject of customer experience on some insightful blogs. Those who prefer to exchange relevant content in person or like to share their knowledge can visit exclusive CX events. Here are our top recommendations:




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