Magento & Co. – zenloop Launches Shop System Integrations

Magento & Co. – zenloop Launches Shop System Integrations

From today on, customers of the integrated Experience Management Platform zenloop can integrate their Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, and Shopify shop systems into their accounts with just a few clicks. As a result, NPS® Surveys are now even easier than ever to use in a Website-Embed or Website-Overlay-Solution in your online shop.

NPS Surveys in Online Shops Made Easy Thanks to Shop System Integrations

E-commerce companies, in particular, use the Net Promoter Score to make the Customer Journey transparent for employees and thereby improve both, their overall performance and their customers’ satisfaction. Because product pages and order processes are especially important customer touchpoints, it is now possible to integrate zenloop in the popular shop systems WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, and Magento.

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These new integrations eliminate the need of creating an own script to include zenloop as a site-embed or overlay survey in the shop system. This significantly reduces the technical efforts required to integrate NPS. Now companies can easily ask for customer feedback at the most important points and can generate valuable insights, which in turn generate necessary steps for action.

By integrating zenloop in your shop system, companies will have more analysis options and, above all, touchpoints with their customers, which provides vital information about customer satisfaction and behavior. Companies can now easily consult their customers for specific feedback about the setup or design of their product page or about the range of goods on offer. This provides additional interfaces and valuable insights into the customer journey.

Depending on what was specifically requested, feedback can be also be shared with departments of the company that otherwise have little or no direct contact with the customers. For example, using a survey in an online shop can generate important insights for the design and development teams, who need to know which features are well received by customers.

The Advantages of Multiple Touchpoints for the Net Promoter Score

Using several different touchpoints for an NPS System offers many advantages:

  • Depiction of a wide range of feedback on various issues and customer experiences
  • Process optimization for specific touchpoints
  • Higher quality of feedback since the query is directed to a concrete customer experience
  • No media discontinuity required to obtain feedback. The customer is queried over the communication channel they are using already
  • Higher response rates because the NPS query is directly linked with the customer experience

Susan Pfundt

Senior Content Marketing Specialist