Even More Granular Feedback Processing: Multi-Levels for Smart Labels at a Glance

Even More Granular Feedback Processing: Multi-Levels for Smart Labels at a Glance

Anyone who uses zenloop is by now familiar with Smart Labels. They are the basis for managing and understanding customer feedback by automatically labeling and categorizing incoming responses.

The new feature—Multi-Levels for Smart Labels—is Smart Labels 3.0, so to speak. zenloop customers now have even more granular analysis and action options to work even better and more efficiently with their customer feedback and improve their customer experience.

What Are Multi-Levels for Smart Labels?

With the previous version of Smart Labels, incoming feedback could be assigned a specific topic (e.g., quality, delivery, or product) and the associated sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral). For example, a comment such as “The delivery was fast but the cabinet does not meet the specified dimensions.” would be labeled “Product” negative and “Delivery” positive.

With the new multi-level structure, zenloop customers can add up to 4 levels under terms such as “product”, “delivery”, or “payment.”

  • Under delivery, for example, could fall under “Delivery time”, “Quality of delivery”, and “Packaging”.
  • Under product, “product assortment, “Product quality”, and “Product information” could be arranged.
  • And under “product information” labels like “Item details”, “Item images”, and “Item dimensions” could be added.


In this case, the same comment would no longer be labeled “Product” or “Delivery”, but rather would be positively labeled “Delivery time” and negatively “Product information”. The categories and sub-levels can be individually adapted to the needs of each company.


What Are the Advantages of the Multi-Level Smart Label Feature?

The granular subdivision and labeling of incoming customer feedback is particularly useful in two areas: in analysis and in the development and implementation of action measures.

In the analysis charts in the zenloop platform, all previous graphs can now also be displayed with the sub-labels. This means that companies can quickly see at a glance, for example, how satisfied they are with the delivery in general, and with just a few clicks, how satisfied customers are with the subcategories as well.


Action measures can also be derived and defined in a more targeted manner. For example, the new feature simplifies the forwarding of relevant feedback to the responsible department. An example: If shipping is divided by country or region, the responsible local team can be notified directly via the Email Alert function set up in zenloop in the event of a negative mention of shipping in Italy. Likewise, feedback on specific products, for example, can be routed to the appropriate product team.


The Multi-Level Smart Labels feature allows zenloop customers to drill down up to four levels into the analysis and processing of their customer feedback—this equates to a depth and granularity that no other experience management platform on the market has offered to date. As a result, companies can now gain even better insights and respond even faster to their customers.

Looking for even more insights? Our Customer Success Manager Grace explains our Multi-Level Smart Labels in even more detail in the following video:

If you are a zenloop customer, feel free to reach out to your Success Manager with any questions about usage or moving your existing labels to the new multi-level structure. We look forward to hearing from you!


Sophie Scharrer

Online Marketing Specialist