Leverage CrossEngage API and zenloop

For Strong Customer Relationships

CrossEngage is a SaaS platform that orchestrates customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing across all channels. The CrossEngage solution combines a customer data platform (CDP) with the necessary logic for cross-channel campaign management. Via the CrossEngage API interface and the zenloop integration, it is possible to extend the functionality of the platform with many different tools.

With the CrossEngage API and the zenloop integration, you easily:

  • Request feedback at various customer touchpoints in the online shop and push customer satisfaction data directly into the CRM system
  • Initiate follow-up measures on NPS® customer feedback via zenloop and the CrossEngage API

These Companies Create Strong Customer Relationships with CrossEngage and zenloop

Maximize Customer Experience and Enrich the CRM System with NPS Data

With zenloop and CrossEngage, NPS data and customer feedback are directly visible in the CRM system. This facilitates customer management considerably by providing customer service with an extensive database of constantly updated customer satisfaction data. This gives the customer service team real-time insight into possible actions for retaining individual customers at each touchpoint in the customer journey.

Classify Customers Through Net Promoter Scores to Increase Revenue

Customer feedback allows to divide customers into three categories: Promoters (satisfied), Passives (Neutrals) and Detractors (dissatisfied). As a result, it is possible to address several customers simultaneously with the same attributes in the respective segment in a time-efficient and individual manner with binding actions. These personalised measures ensure efficient customer management and strengthen the relationship between companies and their customers.

Intelligent Customer Retention Management

Accumulated customer analytics power of two leading retention platforms: Automate and orchestrate campaigns, customer data and customer interaction in real-time and create holistic 360 degree customer profiles without IT support.


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