NPS Software Comparison:
Usabilla vs. zenloop

Why is zenloop the better NPS software alternative compared to Usabilla? The integrated experience management platform zenloop identifies churning customers and shows how they can be won back and retained in the long term. Based on integrated surveys, the zenloop Net Promoter System identifies detractors and reacts automatically with pre-defined recovery measures.
Survey Methodology
Survey Channels
E-mail, Website, App
Website, App
Import of Historical NPS Data
Shop System Integrations
Analytic Functions
Translation of Customer Comments
Semantic Text Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Raw Data Access
Data Segmentation
“Closing the Loop” Features
Configuration of NPS Alerts
Automatic Forwarding of NPS Feedback (Customer Service, Marketing Cloud, Ticket System, etc.)
Live Feed
Automatic Forwarding of Promoters to Review Sites
Customer Support Tool Integrations
Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk
Salesforce, Zendesk
EU Hosting
Customer Management
Premium Customer Support & Integrations
Multiple Brand Support
CX & Retention Consulting
CRM & ESP System Integrations

Better Results in Customer Retention

The zenloop Net Promoter System can be used in different survey channels and thus surpasses the Usabilla tool. Companies can track the complete customer journey and collect feedback at different touchpoints. The large selection of shop system integrations plays a decisive role in this context, as it enables particularly retailers to retrieve and map customer feedback at relevant contact points. Integrations such as Shopify, Magento, and Shopware can be integrated into any account with just a few clicks.

Additionally, in contrast to Usabilla, zenloop offers a wide range of "closing-the-loop" features, which include the automatic forwarding of NPS feedback to the responsible departments as well as the configuration of NPS alerts. Thus, critical feedback is quickly passed on to the responsible department in the company, which can then take quick and targeted measures to win back and retain customers. With zenloop, positive feedback is automatically forwarded to relevant review sites and thus promotes referral marketing and supports the acquisition of new customers.

Since we put great emphasis on our customers getting the best possible benefit from their feedback, zenloop users always receive full customer support during implementation and beyond. They can also choose from a variety of CRM and ESP systems that can be easily integrated into our platform. These increase the transparency of the customer journey for the employees and support effective feedback and especially complaint management. As a result, zenloop stands out from Usabilla by achieving better results in customer recovery as well as customer loyalty and helping users to identify churn drivers more easily.

Individual Design of the Feature Set

With Usabilla, as with zenloop, the pricing package for each company is tailored to the specific requirements. Moreover, zenloop users can individually decide which features they need or do not need and thus continuously adapt their feature set if changes occur over time. The exact design is carried out by our CX experts, who can deal flexibly with company-specific requests. In a free demo, interested parties also get a first but detailed insight into our platform and receive answers to individual questions.

Attractive and User-Friendly Interface

In order to effectively evaluate customer feedback and react to it, acting quickly is the most important factor. The prerequisite for this is a clear and easily navigable platform such as zenloop offers. Although Usabilla can also make its mark in this area, the user interface is still somewhat more complex and less appealing in terms of design. Because of this, the user interface of Usabilla can initially appear confusing, especially to new users, and require a longer training period. This can lead to delays in responding to critical customer feedback, which means that recovery measures cannot be initiated as quickly and customers might leave.

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Advantages zenloop Has to Offer

With our integrated experience management platform, we automate the customer retention of leading digital companies by...

Collecting NPS at Different Touchpoints

Our transactional experience management platform allows organizations to request feedback at individual touchpoints along the customer journey. Thus, we generate high response rates and can guarantee an optimized usage.

Identifying Critical Issues in Real Time

Negative feedback is immediately detected by our NPS Alerts and forwarded to the responsible employees. This allows companies to react immediately and take personalized measures to minimize the number of detractors.

Displaying Customer Feedback in Live Feeds

With our live feeds, companies can track the current Net Promoter Score and customer comments 24/7. In this way, customer sentiment is always in the spotlight and employees stay informed on the current status.

Using Promoters to Acquire New Customers

Promoters are identified and their CLV can be further increased through up- and cross-selling measures. In addition, they are forwarded to common review sites and their positive feedback is thereby used to win new customers.

Proactively Minimizing the Churn Rate

The collected customer feedback is categorized by a text and sentiment analysis. This enables companies to recognize their weak spots, identify their customers' churn reasons, and initiate action steps in order to win them back.

Establishing Open Feedback Cultures

We show that an open feedback culture is essential for customer satisfaction. With zenloop, companies can recognize their weaknesses and address them at an early stage. Through personalized actions, detractors can quickly become promoters.

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