NPS Software Comparison:
Qualtrics vs. zenloop

Why is it worth switching from Qualtrics to the alternative zenloop? Our customer experience platform has a user-friendly system. Without much effort, our customers can design individual NPS surveys, analyze customer feedback, and take action. With zenloop, companies can identify dissatisfied customers and initiate recovery measures quickly.
Survey Methodology
Survey Channels
E-mail, Website, App
E-mail, Website, App, SMS
Import of Historical NPS Data
Shop System Integrations
Analytic Functions
Translation of Customer Comments
Semantic Text Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Raw Data Access
Data Segmentation
“Closing the Loop” Features
Configuration of NPS Alerts
Automatic Forwarding of NPS Feedback (Customer Service, Marketing Cloud, Ticket System, etc.)
Live Feed
Automatische Weiterleitung der Promotoren an Bewertungsportale Automatic Forwarding of Promoters to Review Sites
Customer Support Tool Integrations
EU Hosting
Customer Management
Premium Customer Support & Integrations
Multiple Brand Support
CX & Retention Consulting
CRM & ESP System Integrations

Easy Handling and Top Results

One of zenloop’s advantages is the email embedded surveys. Instead of being redirected to another page, zenloop allows customers to answer the survey directly in the email. Thereby, the effort on the customer's side is minimized, the response rate is higher, and the conversion rate rises.

Furthermore, users can profit from our shop system integrations such as Shopify, Magento, and Shopware, which can be connected to our platform in only a few steps. This eliminates the need for a separate script and NPS surveys can easily be used at important contact points in online shops – for example as website embed or website overlay. Qualtrics, on the other hand, offers fewer choices, as it is only compatible with the Shopify integration.

In addition, zenloop stands out due to its higher level of expertise and broad experience in the B2C and e-commerce business. Since our founders themselves have a background in e-commerce and we focus entirely on the Net Promoter System, zenloop customers can rely on our competency in this area and can count on the continuous development of our platform. Qualtrics, on the other hand, has a larger portfolio of programs and tools, but does not specialize in Net Promoter Systems and therefore has to divide its resources and does not focus on the NPS.

Individually Tailored Pricing Packages

Both companies, zenloop and Qualtrics, offer pricing packages that are tailored to the individual needs of their customers. This allows companies to select and customize the feature set individually – depending on which functions they need. To allow customers to familiarize themselves with the platform, Qualtrics offers a free trial account but with severe limitations and therefore not suitable for full-scale survey projects. Parties interested in zenloop, however, can request a free demo with us. During this demo, our CX experts will explain our platform in detail and also address individual questions and requirements.

User-Friendly Installation & Navigation

In contrast to the more complex Qualtrics software, zenloop users can independently install the platform in-house in just a few steps. We put great emphasis on ease of use and an intuitive user interface, without sacrificing any analytical features. This allows users to send their first NPS surveys shortly after implementation. It leads to fast results and increases the chance of minimizing customer churn. Although Qualtrics offers similar analysis and action features as zenloop, its complex user interface makes it more difficult to take advantage of these functions.

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Compelling Reasons for Choosing zenloop

With our integrated experience management platform, we automate the customer retention of leading digital companies by...

Collecting Touchpoint-Specific Feedback

Our customer experience platform zenloop offers companies the possibility to collect customer feedback at different touchpoints. This allows them to evaluate and understand the customer experience along the entire customer journey.

Configuring Alarm Systems to Identify Detractors

With zenloop, companies collect customer feedback in real-time. Automated NPS alarm systems notify employees immediately in case of negative feedback. This makes an early initiation of win-back measures possible.

Monitoring NPS Updates in a 24/7 Live Feed

In order to provide access to the acquired customer feedback across the entire company, zenloop offers NPS live feeds. These show the current NPS value around the clock and every change in mood can be monitored in real-time.

Acquiring New Customers with Positive Reviews

Happy customers are the best recommendation a company can get. That is why zenloop forwards them directly to review sites where they can share their positive experience with others and support the company’s referral marketing.

Identifying Reasons for Customer Churn

With zenloop, customer reviews are automatically classified into different categories and sorted by keywords. On this basis, companies can recognize churn drivers and initiate optimization measures for their customer service quickly.

Enabling Success with an Open Feedback Culture

Our platform offers a wide range of features and integrations to help companies optimize their Customer Experience. Dissatisfied customers can only become loyal brand supporters if an open feedback culture is in place.

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