NPS Software Comparison:
Netigate vs. zenloop

Looking for an NPS software and Netigate alternative? With zenloop, dissatisfied customers can be won over and customer loyalty can be established sustainably. Our integrated experience management platform identifies churning customers at every touchpoint of the customer journey, recognizes reasons and drivers for churn, and automatically initiates recovery measures.
Survey Methodology
Survey Channels
E-mail, Website, App
Import of Historical NPS Data
Shop System Integrations
Analytic Functions
Translation of Customer Comments
Semantic Text Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Raw Data Access
Data Segmentation
“Closing the Loop” Features
Configuration of NPS Alerts
Automatic Forwarding of NPS Feedback (Customer Service, Marketing Cloud, Ticket System, etc.)
Live Feed
Automatic Forwarding of Promoters to Review Sites
Customer Support Tool Integrations
EU Hosting
Customer Management
Premium Customer Support & Integrations
Multiple Brand Support
CX & Retention Consulting
CRM & ESP System Integrations

Effective Measures for Customer Retention

In comparison to Netigate, the integrated experience management platform zenloop enables individual integration of NPS surveys at various touchpoints. This enables users to get a complete picture of the customer experience along the customer journey. Especially the selection of shop system integrations such as Shopify, Magento, and Shopware provides a great advantage for retailers. With just a few clicks, merchants can integrate the shop systems into their account and thereby easily collect customer opinions at the key contact points. This allows them to generate valuable insights and derive effective actions.

Furthermore, zenloop offers considerably more analytical functions than Netigate. The automated data evaluation of customer comments provides zenloop users with the option of specifically addressing detractors. Additionally, they can take advantage of promoters by free recommendations through the automatic redirection to review sites. Semantic text and mood analyses offer special advantages, as they cluster customer feedback along the customer journey and display it visually.

This enables companies to quickly identify trends and to address and eliminate pain points in a controlled manner. The timely response to customer feedback helps to generate positive customer experiences and thus retain customers. In this way, the NPS software zenloop presents itself significantly stronger than Netigate, especially regarding customer recovery and customer retention as well as the identification of churn drivers.

Intuitive User Interface

Our intuitive user interface is praised over and over again by users who can navigate it easily despite the many analytical functions. They can quickly create surveys at various touchpoints and gather customer feedback. Although Netigate also scores well in this area, the user interface is still somewhat more complex and, from a design point of view, considerably less appealing. As a consequence, Netigate's user interface can seem confusing at first, especially to new users, and thus require a longer training period. This can prevent companies from reacting to critical feedback early enough to counteract customer churn.

Individual Features and Pricing Packages

Netigate offers three different pricing levels to choose from. At zenloop, on the contrary, we are aware that every company has individual needs, which is why we discuss company-specific requirements with interested parties and design the pricing package accordingly.

This allows zenloop users to choose their features individually and adapt them to their needs over time. Interested companies also have the opportunity to arrange free demo, during which our CX experts introduce them to our platform and consult them individually. In this way, we want to ensure that our customers can extract the best possible benefit from zenloop.

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Why Leading Companies Choose zenloop

With our integrated experience management platform, we automate the customer retention of leading digital companies by...

Collecting Feedback at
Multiple Touchpoints

Our integrated experience management platform enables companies to carry out Net Promoter Score surveys individually at different touchpoints and thus generate feedback and valuable insights along the entire customer journey.

Configuring Alerts & Forwarding Feedback

Automated alarm systems ensure that critical issues can be identified and immediately forwarded to the right person in the organization. This enables companies to detect detractors and initiate recovery measures quickly.

Facilitating Transparency with Live Feeds

We provide companies with a 24/7 overview of customer feedback and their Net Promoter Score. Using this live feed, employees are able to track customer sentiments in real-time and immediately identify mood changes.

Winning New Customers Thanks to Promoters

Zufriedene Kunden werden dazu motiviert, ihre positiven Erfahrungen in Bewertungsportalen zu teilen. Durch diese Weiterempfehlungen können Neukunden akquiriert sowie bestehende Kunden für Up- und Cross-Selling genutzt werden.

Optimizing Churn

Qualitative customer feedback is analyzed semantically and divided into relevant categories. In this way, companies can identify the areas causing customer dissatisfaction and address them before they lead to customer churn.

Always Listening to

We think that an open feedback culture is the cornerstone of sustainable profit. With a variety of integrations, companies can quickly identify dissatisfied customers, respond to their needs, and increase customer retention.

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