Job interview: Internship in Business Development

Job interview: Internship in Business Development

At zenloop we regular have Interns who accompany us on our journey. One of these is Sophie, who helped us for 3 months in the area of Business Development. She reveals to us why she chose an internship, what she especially enjoyed, and what the WHU Student is also interested in.

We interview WHU Masters Student Sophie

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Sophie. I’m originally from beautiful Northern Germany, and I decided to after finishing my bachelor’s in Vienna to take a Masters in Management at the WHU. Before I write my Masters Thesis, I’m doing an internship in Business Development at zenloop.

2. Why did you decide to do an internship at zenloop?

Since my previous practical experiences were in the field of consulting, I wanted to use the time before finishing my Masters and having to decide where my career should begin to use the chance to gain experience in an entrepreneurial and flexible environment. My search quickly led me to zenloop as a rapidly-growing start-up with experienced founders, from whom I hoped to learn a lot (and I did!).

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

Above and beyond the general agility of Start-ups, in Business Development there ever more new themes and areas which one has to consider. Therefore in my internship, I never had a “typical” day’s work. Although I was officially in Bizdev Operations, I also touched on many other areas, mainly of a total strategic nature or I worked with the sales-ops teams.

4. Where did you discover your interest in business development?

I still can’t decide on a specific functional area that interests me most. On the contrary, I appreciated coming into contact with a variety of different areas, which nevertheless all had something to do with aspects of optimization and/or further development – and was paired with a structured and similarly creative approach. In contrast to consulting, in a startup, everything happens much quicker and there is much more room to experiment and learn from errors.

5. Which qualities for your future career could you develop at zenloop?

Mostly, I think of the hands-on mentality (excuse the buzzwords)! Taking on total responsibility for your own ideas and topics was for me a great experience. Simultaneously in my exchange with Paul, I learned how to balance analytical components with actual implementation.

6. What for you is the best thing about working at zenloop?

The colorful and mixed team, the varied tasks, and the united work for a joint vision was a lot of fun! I also really liked the fact that things move quickly and there is no feeling of routine.

7. How do you see your future career?

Regarding my leap into the world of work in the summer, I have no fixed plans. I’m certainly on the hunt for a challenging and dynamic environment that offers a steep learning curve. zenloop is naturally an option…

8. How would you describe zenloop to a good friend?

zenloop is an innovative, young firm, which through its experienced employees offers a certain seriousness and structure. Everyone has the possibility to develop themselves according to their strengths and to profit from the team’s international flair.

9. What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking about an Internship in Business Development at zenloop or elsewhere?

In regard to an internship, I am convinced that every internship helps you get ahead. My advice is simple: just do it! In the worst-case scenario, you’ll find out later if something doesn’t interest or suit you.

Every company can have their own understanding of “Business Development”. Inform yourself in advance what it really means for that company. Decisive for me in every position is the motivation and drive that brings the company/product further. If you bring positive energy to the situation, you have already achieved a lot.

10. What do you like to do, when you’re not working?

Thanks to my studies, internships, and semesters abroad I was on-the-go a lot in the last few years and I developed a passion for traveling at home and abroad. Another of my interests is in art and music – I am a classical music fan, play violin myself, and love to spend Sundays in a museum. Otherwise, I also like to stay active.

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