Job interview: Graphic Designer

Job interview: Graphic Designer

If you think the design team only paints colorful pictures, you are sorely mistaken. Our Graphic Designer, Alina, gives us an exciting insight into her daily work at the integrated experience management platform zenloop and shows us how diverse her profession can be.

Interview with Graphic Designer Alina

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself, please?

Hi, my name is Alina, I’m 28 and a graphic designer with a lot of passion for the marketing team at zenloop. Originally I come from the north of Germany near Schleswig. Currently, I live in Hamburg and work remotely from there. In order to be able to see the team regularly, I come to Berlin two days a week.

2. What is your daily work routine and what are your main tasks?

Every day looks different and that’s what makes the work so interesting. In general, I am responsible for the graphic design in the marketing team. The tasks range from website design to print material and event design. Whitepapers, case studies, and social media ads are also created regularly. Of course, I also work across teams when other colleagues need design support. With the introduction of our new conference, the CX1, there were also many new and exciting To-Dos. I can always work graphically and it never gets boring or monotonous. In summary, my day-to-day work consists of making sure that zenloop and the CX1 have a consistent and coherent overall appearance.

3. In the design team, there is always a lot of creativity required. What do you do if you don’t have any ideas or don’t feel creative?

There are always days when creativity isn’t as lively as usual. When I have one of those days, I usually start working on another task first, which helps me to come up with a good idea. After that, the creativity for the other project usually comes all by itself. Often it helps to sleep on it, to meet friends, or to soak up inspiration outside.

4. What do you think are the biggest challenges of your work?

A big challenge is to implement a lot in a really short time because there are many projects that need to be completed quickly. Especially in the design area time is often very important. But in recent years I have adapted my way of working to this speed and I am now coping quite well with it.

5. What stages did you pass through on your way to your position at zenloop?

I have been creative all my life. In order to be able to use it professionally, I did an apprenticeship in an advertising agency. I stayed there for another two years. Afterward, I wanted to see something new and so I switched to the start-up world, which I immediately learned to love. First, I was a Junior Art Director at Shopgate in Frankfurt am Main, then I moved to Hamburg to work as a graphic designer at Spryker. Since April 2019 I have been working as a graphic designer for zenloop. 🙂

6. How would you describe zenloop to a friend?

zenloop is a young company with strong willpower. Here you meet super nice, professional, and competent people from all over the world with whom you can achieve a lot. All of them love what they are doing and you can develop yourself personally.

7. What do you enjoy most about your work as a graphic designer?

The variety of tasks, the cooperation with different teams, and the fact that own ideas can always be brought in or are even desired. You can always try something new. In principle I turned my hobby into my profession, that’s why I am so passionate about my work.

8. Which strengths and qualities could you develop through your work at zenloop?

You have a lot of personal responsibility, which helps you grow quickly. Your own time management also benefits a lot from this. I always learn new things about the industry itself and specific topics. And through the design colleagues from the product team, I also learn a lot about UX / UI design.

9. As a designer you work with many different teams, what are the biggest disadvantages and advantages?

A big advantage is that new tasks arise from working across teams. It is really fun to work with several different teams. This makes the tasks even more varied and interesting because every project manager has a different taste and so much can be tried out. A disadvantage is that most projects are important and preferably everything should be completed at the same time. Here the right prioritization is important.

10. What do you like to do when you are not working?

I love traveling and discovering new places, spending time with family and friends, and doing sports from time to time.

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