Job interview: Head of Finance and Legal

Job interview: Head of Finance and Legal

Those who think that finance and law are dry and boring topics couldn’t be more wrong. Our head of Finance & Legal, Heidi, gives us exciting insights into her tasks at our integrated Experience Management Plattform zenloop and shows us how multi-faceted her daily work is.

Job interview: Exciting insights into the fields of Finance and Legal Management

1. Please briefly introduce yourself.

My name is Heidi Perez and I originally come from sunny Mexico. Seven years ago I moved to Berlin and worked in the AdTech industry. In December 2018 I took on the role of Head of Finance and Legal at zenloop.

2. Can you briefly tell us about your responsibilities?

It’s a very comprehensive job. I am responsible for all the activities relating to the optimization of our financial planning – from the concept to the development of strategy up to and including advising. This could involve checking the work of the accounting department or the further development of management accounting and controlling, as well as the financing, reporting, and communication with numerous interest groups. Together with legal advisors, I deal with all our legal issues, for example, in the fields of trade, purchasing, data protection, and staff.

3. What is the biggest challenge for finance & legal at zenloop?

We find ourselves in a phase of rapid development. The growing team and increasing turnover accelerate the development of our quality standards. This means that the reporting and implementation process has to be continually broadened in scope. Consequently, we are quickly growing in complexity, and that is what makes this job so exciting.

4. Which other roles did you have on your way to this position?

It wasn’t always clear which direction my career would take. Originally, I found tourism to be a fascinating branch, up to the moment that I worked in it! I first discovered my interest in accounting in Berlin when I worked as a project manager in a start-up and had to assist the finance department on several projects. I then studied Business Administration and decided to do a master’s in International Accounting and Finance.

After my studies, I started off as a group controller and was promoted to Head of Controlling for the EU and America. In my following, the global function I examined all the areas of the business to minimize potential risks relating to new regulatory standards for data protection.

5. What advice would give others who wish to develop themselves, either at zenloop or elsewhere?

I can only recommend that you use your existing resources. Draw on the knowledge of your colleagues, take advantage of internal training and development possibilities, and use the chance to work in or with different departments. This will dramatically increase your personal learning curve. When one intensively engages with an issue, you can gain worthwhile experience from both successful and non-successful projects.

6. What part of your work at zenloop do you like the best?

Probably the effort we invest in the measuring of goals, results, and mentoring. I also appreciate our transparent business goals, the openness towards process optimization and changes as well as our flexibility to adapt inconsistent plans. These processes can be seen in all parts of our business and throughout all of our teams.

7. How would you describe the working style and dynamic of the zenloop team?

Collaborative, approachable, open.

8. In which way did your onboarding experience here at zenloop differ from those previous?

The onboarding here is very well-polished. I deeply appreciate that all our employees work hard at understanding all the areas of our business: who we are, what we do, how we turn plans into reality, and what we wish to achieve.

9. How would you describe zenloop to a good friend?

A well established, young company. There is always lots to do and a hard-working, motivated team. But we always aim to keep a balance. We have many talented people which we can all learn from.

10. What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend a day in the park or at a lake. I regularly do sports, go jogging, or do yoga. I also like to cook or watch something amusing on TV.

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