"Closing the Loop" - How to define a successful NPS Feedback-Loop

October 29th at 11:20am by Susan Levermann

Successful Feedback-Loops - the success of a Net Promoter Score program is measured by the ability to react quickly to customer feedback. Ultimately your NPS is important not just as a number, but what you do with it.

Arriving at a NPS gives you options for actioning customer feedback, to:

  1. Ensure customer retention
  2. Stimulate internal improvements
  3. Focus the company on the customer

However, it is often discussed when an NPS or Feedback Loop can be seen as successful and how to close them correctly. As a result, many companies struggle to set the right goals for themselves and their employees. A Feedback Loop can be successfully closed with NPS platforms such zenloop by following 4 sinple principles.

NPS - These 4 principles help define a successful Feedback Loop

To successfully close the Feedback Loop and in the long term improve both customer retention as well as your Net Promoter Score, you should heed the four following principles:

  1. Measure the influence and effects of your actions
  2. Take action quickly and elegantly
  3. Pay close attention to the majority of your customers
  4. Solve strategic problems

NPS: Experience successful Feedback Loops thanks to these four principles

Successful Feedback Loops: Show the influence and effects of your actions

Every process and action should have its results measured, and this principle also applies to your NPS and Feedback Loops. A good Feedback Loop can help companies achieve the following things:

  • Higher future response rates though the use of appropriate incentives. When customers understand that there is something for them in it, they are more likely to respond.
  • Listening to, dealing correctly with and communicating all your actions to your customers will usually lead to an increase in your net promoter score. Correctly closing the Feedback Loop can lead to an increase in the NPS of 30% or more.
  • Using the right tools to close the Feedback Loop becomes a problem solver for account managers. Customer problems can be immediately and clearly identified, demonstrating expertise and building customer trust when you use NPS software such as zenloop.

Successful Feedback Loops: Respond quickly and elegantly to impress your clients

The speed with which you respond to customer feedback or take action to solve problems is a huge determining factor for your success. Taking months to respond to feedback can mean that your customer no longer remembers the issue, that there is no longer a problem, or in the worst case, aggravates the customer that the response to their feedback took so long.

A faster feedback process impresses your customers and makes them feel valued. Automatic feedback alerts for customer comments needing action help give rapid response to unhappy customers. This allows you to not just rapidly extinguish fires, but also ensures that feedback gets to the correct employee in your organization. Studies show that a Feedback Loop that is successfully closed within 48 hours leads to 12% higher customer retention.

Elegant actions ensure that the customer is fully considered and experiences a zero effort feedback process. It shouldn’t should feel like just another touchpoint but more like a natural consequence. For example, phone calls or general communication processes should be optimized so that the customer gets the maximum out of it in the minimum of time.

Closing Feedback Loops with the zenloop NPS Platform

zenloop NPS software solutions give companies numerous ways and the best tools to close their Feedback Loops successfully. On our "action" page, we group together all cases in the three categories of "Report", "Forward", and "Integration".

Successful Feedback Loop: Our zenloop NPS platform offers three categories of action

Information from the loops can be automatically turned into a weekly report, detailing developments and NPS trends, and of course customer retention and satisfaction. This allows you to stay abreast of the latest moves. Additional tools such as customizable e-mail alerts, webhooks, and a live feed allow for real time customer feedback to be relayed to the relevant employee and stakeholder.

In addition, apps such as Slack, Zendesk or Salesforce can be integrated to send customer comments and feedback to the respective departments or connect them with ticketing systems. Zenloop feedback management platform allows firms to close their Feedback Loops quickly, easily and in a targeted way.

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Successful Feedback Loop: Take care of the majority of your customers

If you only concentrate on some of your customers, you will not track down enough sources of error and therefore achieve no enterprise-wide improvements. If you limit your resources, then you naturally cannot react to every single response. A solution here is to use automated feedback emails or newsletters, in which one communicates findings from customer feedback, explaining what is planned or gives detail about what has already been carried out.

This type of communication can also help to increase the commitment of previously non-participating customers. Those who have not yet given feedback will feel motivated by your responses and updates, and will more readily partake in future NPS and feedback surveys.

Successful Feedback Loops: Solve strategic problems

Most operational issues can be relatively quickly and easily solved. However, many companies find it hard to increase customer satisfaction when significant inter-departmental co-operation, investments or strategic changes changes are required. Consistently working on your NPS should cause operational problems to disappear over a timeframe of two to three years. Those companies who are not prepared to tackle either their strategic or structural problems are unlikely to improve their NPS.

Susan Levermann

Content Marketing Manager