zenloop in Podcasts: “With NPS Feedback to greater Customer Loyalty”

June 22nd at 5:04pm by Susan Levermann

Our zenloop founders Paul and Björn were again guests of Sven Rittau on his ChefTreff Podcast. This time, the three spoke about customer satisfaction, collecting Customer Feedback with the help of an NPS System and using the NPS Feedback to improve loyalty, and naturally about zenloop NPS Platform and Software.

Sven Rittau’s ChefTreff Podcast hosts a constant stream of Who’s Who in the E-Commerce and Startup scene. Entrepreneurs and decision makers in the digital world exchange their collected experiences, personal knowledge and learnings, and speculate about the future of their industry. Moritz Keller (founder, Keller Sports), the legendary Marketeer Andre Alpar and the Outfittery founder Anna Alex have already been guests and have discussed various topics about the startup landscape with Sven.

Similarly interesting is the list of current topics, those of digital evolution, the gradual change in brick and mortar retailing, and the ideas of Storytelling, Content Commerce and Content First. Above all, the Podcast’s focus is on digital business models, innovation and change. Together with his guests, Sven Rittau is searching for answers to challenges currently facing the business world.

In this episode, Paul, Björn und Sven talked about why they founded the zenloop NPS Software, what NPS is good for and the influence it has over the success of an organization. They also discussed how zenloop differs from other NPS Software, why simple feedback collection is not enough, and the status of the Net Promoter Score in both Germany and Europe.

Sounds good? It is. The whole story (in German) can be found here:

CT#24 With NPS feedback to customer loyalty

Susan Levermann

Content Marketing Manager