zenloop in Podcasts: “The Flaconi Story” - with Paul and Björn

June 8th at 10:42am by Susan Levermann

Our zenloop founders Paul and Björn were guests on ChefTreff, a Podcast from and with entrepreneur Sven Rittau. He often hosts business people and makers and doers from the fields of e-commerce and trade who exchange experience, knowledge and discuss potential areas of growth.

The first few years at Flaconi, the resulting challenge to develop the field of Beauty-E-Commerce and why online marketing for Flaconi was at some point no longer sufficient were the topics discussed by Paul, Björn and Sven.

Under the title of “The Flaconi Story”, they spoke together about their entrepreneurial education, how they came up with the idea for Flaconi, and what value TV was to Flaconi. In addition, you can hear what lessons they took from their time at Flaconi and their opinion on Angel Investments.

You can hear the whole CheffTreff Story with Paul and Björn as a Podcast here:

## CT#23 The Flaconi Story: "The way to the million exit" - Björn Kolbmüller & Paul Schwarzenholz

Susan Levermann

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