Attention Customer Experience Pioneers!

We reveal the four biggest CX trends for 2021 and provide you with tips on how to implement them in your company. We also reveal a real-world best practice example for each trend.


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    Attention Customer Experience Pioneers!


    What’s Inside?

    Due to the current rapid changes in consumer buying behavior, efficient CRM strategies and processes are becoming increasingly important in order to retain customers. This is because, especially in 2020, customer wishes have changed significantly and expectations have risen. It is often not easy to recognize these developments quickly enough and adapt to them in order to satisfy customers. The four trends that help you achieve this, and which we discuss in more detail in this whitepaper, are:

    1. Enrich company data with experience data
    2. Integrate experience data into corporate strategy
    3. Integrate historical experience data into customer communications
    4. Understand customer experience at the omnichannel level

    “See your customers as invited guests to a party, and you are the hosts. It’s your job every day to make every aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

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