Transform from Commodity to Love Brand

Learn how to use customer experience as a competitive advantage for your company and thus master the current challenges of the energy sector.


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    Transform from Commodity to Love Brand


    What’s Inside?

    The energy sector is at a fundamental point of change, driven by new technologies, new regulations, and other policy changes. Moreover, in addition to the energy transition, digitization is also playing a major role and bringing with it new challenges. Therefore, it is more important than ever for companies in the energy industry to proactively address changes in order to successfully master the transformation. For this reason, this white paper discusses the following topics:

    • Current challenges for energy suppliers
    • Why CX is especially important in the energy market
    • Which touchpoints energy suppliers can use to touch base with their customers
    • How energy service providers can improve their CX

    “Putting customer experience at the core of commercial transformation enables reducing customer churn and achieving healthy financial growth.”

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