New Feature: NPS® Platform zenloop Integrates Google Translate

zenloop Expands Its Product Range with the Iris NPS® Benchmarking Database

With the Google Translate integration, zenloop launches its next useful feature for its customers. Not everyone is a budding linguist. But now, with just a few clicks within the Net Promoter Score application, you can translate customer feedback from around the world into your own language, making it accessible and comprehensible for all your employees.

Translating Customer Feedback Made Easy Thanks to Google Translate

zenloop users can now easily translate customer feedback into many languages by using the Google Translate integration. This simplifies both the use of the platform as well as the implementation of valuable customer feedback, bringing even more customer insights to globally functioning organizations.

Founder Paul Schwarzenholz commented on the new Google Translate integration: “Many companies using our software operate in several European countries or even globally. Customer feedback, therefore, arrives in various languages, which in many cases only a single employee can speak. Thanks to the integration of Google Translate, every employee and every team member can now understand not only the Net Promoter Score but also the qualitative feedback they receive from their customers. We, therefore, create more transparency in the customer journey and extend our integrated experience management platform with a new, useful feature for our users.

Enable Google Translate with Just Two Clicks

In the “understand” tab of the platform, users can choose to evaluate feedback in German, Danish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Czech, and Turkish.

Translating incoming comments into a specific language only requires two clicks: In the overview page, simply click on “Google Translate”, select the preferred language, and confirm this with a second click. It is now even easier for companies to use feedback across their entire organization, generating valuable insights and deriving necessary and actionable steps for improvement.

For the future, zenloop plans more new features and integrations to improve the platform for its users and help them improve customer retention.

Susan Pfundt

Senior Content Marketing Specialist