Case Studies

Successful through NPS®: Case Studies of Our Customers

Case Studies

Aroundhome Relies on NPS® to Increase Turnover

Net Promoter Score as an Indicator of Partner Satisfaction and Booster of Customer Lifetime Value in B2B

Caseable Uses NPS® for Process and Product Improvements

NPS as a Means of Quality Control as Well as Basis for Customer Centering and a Uniform Feedback Strategy

Internetstores Strengthens Customer Centricity with NPS®

Europe’s leading online platform for outdoor & bike generates more loyal customers and +62% repurchase rates using zenloop

Using NPS® to Centre and Focus on Customers

How die kartenmacherei Automates Customer Centering and Binding with zenloop

Using NPS® for Customer Centering and Transparent Feedback

Otto Wilde Grillers Uses NPS as a Key Metric for Corporate Success

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