Using NPS® to Center and Focus on Customers

Case Study



About die kartenmacherei

As part of the better ventures group, die kartenmacherei is a market leader in the field of customizable paperwork and operates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Die kartenmacherei has an annual turnover of more than 40 million euros.

In order to not only further promote internal customer focus and centering, but also to automate it within the company kartenmacherei uses a custom solution from the retention management platform zenloop. Since January 2019, the company which was started in Seefeld near Munich has been using zenloop to request NPS feedback at two touchpoints. Die kartenmacherei focuses on the NPS evaluation at “Checkout” and “After Delivery” via website and e-mail embed in order to identify detractors and recover them through individual win-back measures.

The Challenge

As a provider of personalized print products – such as congratulatory cards for weddings and births – die kartenmacherei encounters demanding and divergent customer desires. In such an emotional context, demands on product and service are particularly high – which is why it requires a 100% focus on customer centering and satisfaction on die kartenmacherei’s part.

A SaaS solution is needed in order to not only be reactive but also proactive, as well as to automatically identify and recover dissatisfied customers.


“For us, there is no standard for quality. There is only our ambition to exceed the expectations of our customers over and over again.“


The Solution

In order to further promote customer centering in the company, die kartenmacherei uses zenloop’s NPS solution at two touchpoints along the customer journey; “Checkout” and “After Delivery”. The NPS query is made at both touchpoints in all four countries. This guarantees that feedback is collected at the most important customer contact points.

For the feedback evaluation, smart labels and sentiment analysis are used in order to obtain an initial quick overview of satisfaction drivers. The filtering options are used to identify specific causes for these results and to develop suitable solutions in the next step.

On the one hand, this reduces the manual effort involved in the evaluation and also enables the processing of form feedback allowing it to be incorporated into product and process improvements. Relevant feedback is also proactively pushed to the relevant teams to allow for rapid responses. In addition, zenloop supports die kartenmacherei with retention consulting and advising on NPS strategies.

The Result

Increased Customer Centering Across all Departments and Levels of Management

To increase customer centering across the entire team, there are live feeds of real-time feedback in every office. This gives employees insight into how customers are doing, even if they themselves do not have direct customer contact in their daily work. In this way, all the colleagues in the company can understand the customer’s perspective and anticipate the customer impact of their activities.

In addition, KPI dashboards that depict the NPS and its development are also used. This evaluates NPS in differing granularities. For example, die kartenmacherei compares the different NPS values regarding their development over time as well as from the different touchpoints. In the latter, the analysis is based on different internal NPS comparison dimensions, such as:



Recovering Detractors Through Automation and Personalization

Die kartenmacherei works hard to find individual solutions for dissatisfied customers. For this purpose, customer service has the opportunity to respond to the qualitative feedback within 24 hours. The aim is to provide customers with assistance and problem solving through direct communication.

Proactive Improvements to Products and Processes

In addition, all customer comments are checked for their thematic imprint using smart labels and sentiment analysis. Comments from detractors are examined in particular detail. In this way, die kartenmacherei can identify in which product areas and processes improvements need to be made.

They are also proactive in terms of product design. For example, feedback evaluation focuses on comments that relate to specific formats or paper types. In this way, die kartenmacherei recognizes the potential for improvement in the product portfolio or presentation in the shop and can instigate steps quickly and efficiently. This also helps easily identify opportunities in the processing stage.

Transparent Feedback Culture Through Reviews Opportunities

In order to be transparent to both the outside world and potential newcomers, die kartenmacherei sends its customers – regardless of the score they award – an invitation to submit a review on public platforms. As a result, die kartenmacherei persuades more than six percent of its customers to submit a review.

The timely initiation of the recovery measures described above ensures that negative reviews are rarely issued on public platforms.

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