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Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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Find out how zenloop can help you automate your Customer Experience.

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Parcel Perform is the leading logistics and parcel tracking service for retailers around the world. With each Parcel Perform login, tracking data is collected from hundreds of logistics service providers such as DHL and Hermes, and the current status of the shipment is displayed on the retailer's website. In combination with the integrated experience management platform zenloop, these retailers can improve the customer post-sale process to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value to Enhance Customer Retention

The main reason for poor customer satisfaction is due to incorrectly communicated delivery times and undelivered or lost packages. With each Parcel Perform login, retailers can easily send emails to customers to check the current status of their order. Additionally, companies can view all packages they have sent and check their progress if they receive a customer inquiry. Together with the first-class recording and evaluation of NPS feedback with zenloop at every customer touchpoint, the customer journey is tracked more closely and can be improved in a targeted manner. This enables companies to increase customer satisfaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of customers making repeat purchases.

Greater Customer Satisfaction through Proactive Communication

Using the Parcel Perform login, retailers can start tracking packages as early as in the warehouse. This also keeps the customer informed about the progress, for example if the delivery of the parcel to the courier takes longer than expected. Consequently, this system provides assurance for the recipient and relieves the service hotlines, as they will receive fewer queries. Retailers can then automatically send emails to their customers to inform them of the current status of their order. By also using the NPS feedback received through the SaaS solution zenloop, companies can cluster their customers into promoters, passives, and detractors and thus create meaningful reports and extended analyses for logistics managers.

Better Customer Communication about Delivery Modalities After Purchase

One of the main reasons for poor customer experience in many countries is insufficient communication with the customer. Parcel Perform offers its services as a white label solution, i.e. it does not appear as a brand. Consumers receive all information directly from the retailer from whom they order the goods. The parcel monitor tracking page makes it easy for customers to track their parcels’ location, regardless of the carrier involved. Through the integrated experience management platform zenloop, customers can leave comments and feedback at any touchpoint, which is then evaluated with the sentiment analysis, increasing customer satisfaction, and customer lifetime value in the long term.

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