CX Best Practices in E-Commerce

CX1 Online Day as a Recording


CX1 Online Day from April 16, 2020

At CX1 Online Day we presented best practices in customer experience in a live session. Customer cases for CX along the Customer Journey have been shared including KPM, home24, Flaconi and limango.

At the same time, listeners could ask their questions in the chat window and received answers directly from our experts.

The recording of the CX1 Online Day is available free of charge and can be watched several times after registering by filling in the form.


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    What You Can Expect

    • 4 hours of concentrated customer experience insights
    • The possibility of flexible self-learning anywhere and anytime
    • Customer Cases from KPM, home24, Flaconi, limango
    • CX along the Customer Journey explained in detail
    • CX Expert-Knowledge from Contentsquare, iAdvize, parcelLab, Seven Senders, Styla, zenloop

    Agenda of April 16

    Keeping a Heritage Brand Relevant | Styla

    As a premium brand with a long history, KPM Berlin needs a particularly attractive online presence. Learn how KPM Berlin creates impressive digital brand experiences in a scalable and resource-friendly way. Lucas Schnabel joined the IT industry as a consultant and has been responsible for partner management at Styla for the past three years. Together with technology and service partners, his aim is to help customers to make digital content accessible in an intelligent and appealing way.


    Make a Difference! | Contentsquare

    Optimize PDPs with Big Data and UX Insights to better convert SEA traffic. With Thomas Weyand (VP DACH), Etienne Schloemer (CSM), und Nicolas Buchalik (Marketing Manager) from Contentsquare.


    Winning Black Friday: How Home24 Creates Scalable & Personalized Campaigns | Dynamic Yield & Home24

    Gianluca Randisi, Director Brand & Content Marketing at home24: He is Marketing Director at home24 since September 2016, where he manages the conversion and retention side of the business and coordinates the technical projects for Marketing. Today, he is taking care of Merchandising and CRM activities, AB tests, Taxonomy & SEO, Product Discovery & Personalization, Brand Reputation, and Trust Portals. He is looking back on more than 7 Years Experience in E-commerce and Digital Services in several markets and industries and has previous experiences in offline business, education and consulting.


    #customerfirst: How Online Perfumery Flaconi Profits from Attractive Delivery Conditions and Cost-Efficient Logistics Processes | Seven Senders & Flaconi

    In this webinar you will learn how Flaconi succeeded in reducing the number of international requests in the customer center by up to 30% within 4 months. With Jan Oppermann, Head of Customer Experience at Seven Senders.


    How limango Puts their Customers in Focus | zenloop & limango

    Using a practical example and best practices, we show how limango optimizes the Customer Experience with the Net Promoter System (NPS). We discuss in detail how improvement potential can be identified and how these findings can be translated into actionable measures to ensure long-term customer loyalty. We also explain how NPS can be introduced step by step in companies. Patricia Graf (Product Owner Operations) – limango: Since 2009 she has had a significant influence on the logistics department at limango GmbH; she was Head of Logistics for 10 years, including 2 years with additional responsibility for Customer Service, before she changed to another position about a year ago and is now further optimising her department as IT Product Owner. Felix Schlenther (Head of Sales) – zenloop: After his studies in Hamburg, Felix began his professional career in the Berlin start-up scene and has since then been advising corporations and rapidly growing companies on digitization issues. Since 2018 he has also supported traditional retailers and e-commerce players in Customer Experience Management.

    Conversational Cyborg | iAdvize

    Service means Customer Experience. We explain why the combination of bots, community and service staff makes the difference. Dietmar Giese is responsible for the expansion of the iAdvize brand in German-speaking countries, the strategic development of the Brand Expert Community belonging to iAdvize and the expansion of the team in the Düsseldorf office. Dietmar Giese looks back on more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce and digiconomy.

    Ready for the Future: Customer Retention with CX | parcelLab

    Many companies spend a lot of money to offer their customers the best possible shopping experience. But right after clicking on the purchase button, they simply throw the contact away and hand it over to the delivery service provider. This is where the customer experience and the valuable customer relationship ends. This is where the most emotional and important part of the customer journey begins. In this phase of highest attentiveness the expensively acquired customer decides whether he becomes a one-time buyer or a loyal brand fan. With Tobias Buxhoidt (CEO) and Sebastian Hecker (Product Owner) from parcelLab.

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