Learn How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Did you ever wonder when is a good time to get in touch with your customers? Creating a customer journey map will help you understand, at what points to contact your customers and when to ask for feedback.


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    What’s Inside?

    The challenge for every company is not to lose customers on their journey. On the way to the purchase, there are many places where customers can stop the process if they are not completely satisfied or become aware of a better offer.

    Visualizing the customer journey can be very helpful in understanding customer behavior and taking the right actions to support the customer. In a so-called customer journey map, the entire journey for specific products, customer groups, or services can be graphically displayed. In this guide, you will learn:

    • What a customer journey map is and looks like
    • How to create a customer journey map step by step
    • How to use the customer journey map correctly

    “Every single contact you have with the customer influences whether or not they will come back.”

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